How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1317?

QuickBooks Error 1317 is an installation error faced by users. It is a technical error that is suggested to get fixed immediately. It occurs when a user tries to create a directory in QuickBooks or at the time of installation of QuickBooks software. There are various reasons that provoke this Error, including Outsider Applications, interfering with QuickBooks, and many more. Further, to acquire more knowledge, you can go through this blog.

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What are the causes Behind QuickBooks Error 1317?

Let’s now look at the reasons that promote Error 1317 in QuickBooks:

  • The Error occurs when the SYSTEM account on the drive doesn’t have the correct permission.
  • In case the System account permits ‘Visual Studio 2005‘ or ‘Visual Studio.NET‘ to have proper access to that drive.
  • Hindrance due to the presence of a third-party app.
  • In case you don’t have appropriate permission to access the software.
  • An unexpected modification in the Windows Registry in your System.
  • Less RAM and Hard Disc memory in your System.
  • Attack of Malware & Viruses.

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Verified Solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 1317

Now that you have collected ample information about Error 1317, let’s discuss the ways to fix it instantly:

Solution 1: Utilize QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

In case you are accessing the QuickBooks software, close it. Also make sure to close all the other background programs.

  • Launch your Web Browser, and go to the Official website of Intuit.
  • Now, download the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  • Next, to install it, double click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file, and follow the instructions available on your screen,
  • Once the Tool hub is installed, run it.
  • After that, hit on the Installation issues option.
  • Now, here you have to click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and let the process be complete.
  • Then reboot your System and access QuickBooks again.

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Solution 2: Update QuickBooks Desktop using Safe Mode

To eliminate issues that evoke due to the presence of third-party apps, try to install QuickBooks Desktop using Safe Mode. You can do so by following the approaches mentioned below:

First Approach: Use F8 after Restarting the System.

  •  Reboot your System.
  • Now, keep hitting the F8 Key until the Advanced Boot Options screen  appears
  • Next, you have to select the arrow key to select Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Let the screen load; once it is done, try to re-install QuickBooks Desktop.

However, if this approach won’t work for you, then try to access Safe Mode using MSConfig.

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Second Approach: Use the MSConfig

  • Initiate the process by pressing Windows+R to open the Run box.
  • Type MSConfig in the search field and hit enter.
  • Now on the next page, Click on General, and hit on the Selective Startup option.
  • Moving ahead, choose the  Load System Services tab.
  • Now, unmark the box next to Load Startup Items.
  • Click on the Services tab, and select the checkbox present at the bottom of the screen to Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Next, hit on the Disable All option, and uncheck the  Hide all Microsoft Services tab.
  • Note: Ensure to check the Windows Installer checkbox in the service list.
  • Now restart the System.
  • End the process by updating the QuickBooks Desktop again to rectify QuickBooks Error 1317.

Solution 3: Update your Window

Various QuickBooks problems are fixed by updating the Windows only, so follow the steps to do so:

  • Initiate the process by choosing the Start button.
  • Next, you have to click Settings.
  • Thereafter select the Update & security tab, followed by hitting the Windows Update.
  • Now, click on the Check for updates.

In case the updates are available, install them by following the steps present on your screen.

  •  Once the update is finished, restart your System and open QuickBooks desktop.

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Solution 4: Modify the Permission

If the previous methods don’t work in your favor, then try to eliminate the Error by using the necessary changes in the permission.

  • Initially, you have to restart the System and login in as an Administrator.
  • Thereafter, navigate to the installation path of the QuickBooks Desktop,
  • Now, right-click on the Program Folder, and select the Properties option.
  • Moving ahead, you have to select Sharing and security tab.
  • Click on the Sharing option.
  • Next, you have to select Advanced Sharing.
  • Thereon, select the Permission option.
  • Now, include Everyone from the group.
  • Navigate to Full Control, and hit the Allow tab.
  • At last, click on the OK button to end the procedure.
Summing it Up!

In this blog, we tried to provide you with all the ways to Fix QuickBooks error 1317. As always, if you need any help related to QuickBooks, email us your Query to get GoTaxation professional help. Apart from that, you can even use the Live Chat option available at the bottom of this page.

4 Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks error 12031 arises when the user tries to refresh the QuickBooks software or payroll services. This error commonly occurs when the firewall & security software blocks the connection due to the incorrect configuration. This frustrating error can create a hassle for the users while working on the QuickBooks software.

Users will be able to notice the QuickBooks error 12031 with a pop-up display message as;

“Error 12031: A network timeout that is disabling the QuickBooks software from accessing the server.”

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Factors Causing QuickBooks Error Code 12031

Below, we have filtered out some of the most common reasons and factors due to why a user may encounter QuickBooks error 12031 while working on the software;

  • Poor or weak internet connection.
  • If you have not set Internet Explorer as the default web browser on your device.
  • Incorrect SSL settings on your device can also lead to QuickBooks error 12031.
  • If the server takes too long to respond to the user’s command.

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Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 12031

Let’s take a look at the solutions that you can easily carry out to tackle QuickBooks error 12031 while working on the software;

Solution 1. Configure Internet Explorer Settings

Here are the steps that you can follow to configure/ verify the internet explorer settings on your device;

  • Launch the Internet Explorer browser on your device, and move towards the Internet options available in the tools menu.
  • Thereon, select the “Security” tab and choose the “Globe” icon.
  • Afterward, you must ensure the content advisor displays it on your screen.
  • Click on the “OK” option, and then provide the password, and turn off the content advisor.
  • Go for the connections tab, and if you are not using the dial-up node on your device, select the “Never dial a connection only” option.
  • Click on the “OK” tab and select the “LAN Settings” option.
  • You must ensure the automatic detect settings have been enabled and the “Use a Proxy Server” checkbox is disabled.
  • Thereon, record the complete address and port, and if the port is “Port 80”, then uncheck the “Use a Proxy Only” option, and click on the “OK” option.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, move toward the advanced tab settings and select the “Restore Advanced Settings” option.
  • Moving ahead, you must locate the “Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 & Use TLS 1.2” option.
  • Here, ensure that the “Use TLS 1.0” is checked and “Use TLS 1.1” & “Use TLS 1.2” are unmarked.
  • Followed by the above steps, you have to click on the “OK” option and shut down all the opened windows.
  • Thereon, perform a restart of your device, and launch the QuickBooks desktop application on your workstation.

Once you are done with the above-listed steps, then verify if the QuickBooks error code 12031 has been eliminated or not.

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Solution 2. Use QuickBooks Updates via Windows Safe Mode

  • Launch the windows run command, and type “MSConfig” in the search bar.
  • Hit the “OK” option, and then the Windows System Configuration settings will open on your device.
  • Here, you have to navigate to the “Boot” tab, and then you have to uncheck the “Safe Boot” option, which is available under the Boot options.
  • Save the new changes by clicking the “Apply” and “OK” options.
  • Thereon, perform a deep restart of your device, and now your device will boot in safe mode.
  • Once you have launched your device in safe mode, try to update the QuickBooks payroll feature.

If you are still facing the QuickBooks error 12031 while working on the software, perform the third solution.

Solution 3. Install Digital Signature Certificate

Installing the digital signature certificate will verify that the system can trust the QuickBooks updating process. To install the digital signature certificate, here are the steps that you can follow to do so;

  • Firstly, navigate to the location where QuickBooks files are saved, i.e., C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks.
  • Thereon, you have to search there for the QBW32.exe folder and then do a right click on it.
  • After that, click on the “Properties” option and move toward the “Digital Signature” tab.
  • Now, you must verify that Intuit is specified in the signature list and then click on the “Details” option.
  • Once you move toward the digital signature details window, you must click on the “View Certificate” option.
  • Switch to the Certificate window, then choose the “Install Certificate” option.
  • Moving ahead, you must keep clicking on the “Next” option until the “Finish” option appears.
  • Thereon, click on the “Finish” option, and perform a deep restart of your device.

After performing the above-listed steps, launch the QuickBooks desktop application on your workstation, and try to download the new payroll updates.

Solution 4. Verify the Advanced Settings in Internet Properties

  • First, you must launch the “Internet Connection Setup” settings on your device.
  • Thereon, click on the “Internet Properties” option, and then click on the “Advanced” tab option.
  • Here, you must ensure that the advanced settings match and are correct.
  • Next, click on the “Apply” > “Save” option.

Once you are done with the above steps, then close the QuickBooks desktop application, and try to download the new payroll updates on your workstation.

Concluding Note

That’s all with what you need to know about QuickBooks error 12031. As demonstrated above, you can perform the above-listed solutions to resolve the error. As always, if you still have immediate help from experts in dealing with any of the issues in QuickBooks, you can contact us via mail at Our GoTaxation experts team are available 24*7 to understand your query and provide the best solution to terminate the issue.

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Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1722 in Six Easy Steps

QuickBooks error 1722 is a common technical glitch in the software that majorly occurs when the user tries to download new updates of QuickBooks payroll. Like other windows applications, the QuickBooks desktop application also needs additional Microsoft components to work properly.

QuickBooks Error 1722 (Message)

If any of the internal Microsoft components are damaged or outdated, it can lead to QuickBooks error 1722 on your workstation. If you are also frustrated by facing the QuickBooks error code 1722 while working on the software, then you can read this easy-to-do guide until the end and get the issue resolved. 

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Which Factors Triggers QuickBooks Error 1722?

Given below is the list of common reasons due to why a user may encounter error code 1722 in QuickBooks;

  • Outdated or damaged Microsoft .Net framework is the most common reason due to why the error arises. 
  • QuickBooks company files or important documents have been deleted mistakenly from your workstation. 
  • Damaged windows registry files.
  • Outdated windows components such as MSMXL and C++.
  • If a virus has infected your PC, it can lead to technical glitches, such as QuickBooks error 1722.
  • If the QuickBooks installation files are not downloaded properly on your device, it can also lead to QuickBooks error 1722.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1722?

After having a clear understanding of the possible reasons due to why the error arises, let’s take a look at the list of solutions that you can easily perform step-by-step to eliminate QuickBooks error 1722;

Solution 1. Fix System Registry Issues

  • Firstly, you have to run the complete scanning of your device.
  • Thereon, run “Disk Clean up” on your PC. This will delete all the temporary files and folders from your device.
  • Now, update the PC “Device Drivers.”
  • Delete and re-install the QuickBooks desktop application on your device. 
  • Afterward, you must run the “Windows System File Checker” on your hosting workstation. 
  • Then, update the PC’s windows to the latest version, and perform a clean installation of windows.
  • At last, end this procedure by performing a system reboot.

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Solution 2. Restore Your PC to the Older Version

  • At first, you have to move towards the windows start menu on your device, and then type “System Restore” in the search bar.
  • Hit the enter button, and the system restores window will open on your device. 
  • Here, you have to click on the “System Protection” tab, followed by a click on the “System Restore” option. 
  • Next, provide the administration login credentials, i.e., user id and login password.
  • After that, a wizard window will open on your screen. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, then choose the restore point per your preferences.
  • Thereon, restore your computer to the older version, followed by performing a deep restart of your PC.

Once you are done with the above steps, launch the QuickBooks software on your device, and check whether the QuickBooks error code 1722 has been eliminated.

Solution 3. Use Windows File Checker

  • Move towards the windows start menu, and type “Command” in the search bar. 
  • Press and hold the “Ctrl + Shift” keys together, and then hit the enter button on your keyboard.
  • Moving ahead, a permission dialog box will be open on your device. 
  • Now, click on the “Yes” option, and then a black box with a blinking cursor will open on your device.
  • Here, you must type “sfc/ scannow” and press the enter button.
  • Now, the windows file checker will start searching for the QuickBooks error 1722 and other system-related files. Depending on the file size and system performance speed, this process will take a little longer.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions to end the process. 

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Solution 4. Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • First of all, you have to download and install the QuickBooks tool hub ( on your device.
  • Launch the QuickBooks tool hub software on your PC. 
  • Thereon, select the “Installation Issues” tab, which is available on the left side panel of your screen.
  • Moving ahead, you must click on the “Install Diagnostic Tool” option, and the repairing process will start on your device. 
  • As the repairing process ends on your workstation, close all the active applications on your device, and reboot your PC.
Solution 5. Download New Windows Update

If you are using an outdated version of the Windows operating system on your workstation, then it can slow down the performance speed of your PC and can lead to various technical glitches. 

  • Open the windows run command on your device by pressing “Windows + R” keys together.
  • Thereon, type “Windows Update” in the search bar, and click the “OK” option.
  • Now, the windows update screen will be open on your PC screen.
  • Moving ahead, click on the “Check for Updates” option.
  • If new windows updates are available for your device, click the “Download” option.
  • As the downloading process of the new windows update ends on your PC, perform a system reboot your device. 
  • Rebooting the device will automatically install the new updates on your PC.

Once the process ends, launch the QuickBooks desktop application on your device, and check whether the QuickBooks error code 1722 has been fixed. 

Solution 6. Run the System in Selective Startup Mode

Restarting the PC in the selective startup mode can help you to fix various technical issues with the QuickBooks desktop software. Given below are the steps that you can follow to run the system in the selective startup mode;

  • First of all, launch the windows run command on your workstation.
  • Thereon, type “MSConfig” in the search bar, and click on the “OK” option.
  • Followed by the above steps, you have to move towards the “General” tab and then select the “Selective Startup” option.
  • You must ensure to uncheck the “load startup items” option.
  • Next, click on the “OK” option, and if asked, you must choose the “Restart” option.

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You have to end this process by re-installing the QuickBooks desktop application on your device. Once you have re-installed your device’s software, you have to switch back to the normal run mode. Given below are the steps that you can carry out to do so;

  • Again move towards the MSConfig settings on your workstation.
  • Here, you have to select the “Normal Startup” option and then click on the “Apply”> “OK” option.
  • At last, perform a restart of your device to end this process.

Ending Note

We hope the above-listed solutions have helped you fix QuickBooks error 1722. In a scenario, if the methods do not work for you, and the error still persists, then you can avail an instant help from our team by mailing your query at Our Gotaxation experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to understand your query and assisting you with the best possible solution to get the issue resolved without any hassle.

Different Ways to Handle QuickBooks Not Responding Error

QuickBooks not responding error can prevent users from running QuickBooks Desktop smoothly. QuickBooks provides incredible features for the management of personal, business, and tax-related financial matters. It is a downloadable desktop software that offers different versions you can choose from based on your business accounting needs. However, QuickBooks has stopped working issue can prevent users from using these amazing features of the program.

Need our experts to guide you with the QuickBooks not responding issue? Get instant help by dialing our helpline number +1-844-508-2335.

About QuickBooks Not Working Error

QuickBooks Not Responding error could have been caused by a number of different factors. As a result, there are different ways to troubleshoot this problem. When the error takes place, it hinders an ongoing task in the program and makes it sluggish. If you follow the instructions described in this post, you will eliminate the risk of the software displaying the QuickBooks is not responding issue. Carry out the steps outlined for you so that you can get rid of this error.

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Underlying Causes Behind the Error That Says QuickBooks Isn’t Responding?

If you are having an issue that is comparable to the one described above, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

  • Sometimes, the length of your company name exceeds what is required.
  • The data on a hard disc has been corrupted.
  • Corrupted program files or an improper installation of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Windows OS may be damaged.
  • Inconsistency among various programs.
  • Sometimes it can be an installation error promoting program issues.
  • Some program files are damaged.
  • First of all, you need to restart your computer.
  • Relaunch the accounting software QuickBooks.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Is Not Working Error

When you can immediately identify an error in QuickBooks, it becomes easy for you to resolve the error with ease. Below are some of the main symptoms of QuickBooks not responding issue: 

  • QuickBooks becomes non-responsive as soon as you open the program. 
  • The program lags when it needs to respond to the mouse or keyboard inputs. 
  • QuickBooks closes abruptly without giving any error message.
  • QuickBooks stops without even loading the dashboard, giving a warning message text on your screen.
  • Slow performance of other Windows-based applications on the machine.

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How To Eliminate The QuickBooks Is Not Opening Issue?

Now that you know the possible reasons behind the error, follow the below-explained solutions to eradicate them:

Method 1: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool can find and fix common installation issues in the program. To run it, you need to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and run the installer file.
  • Install the tool by implementing the given instructions and agree to the terms to make it work.
  • When in Tool Hub, select Program Installation Issues, and it will enable you to run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • When you run the tool, it may take up to 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Once the installation error is resolved, your computer and then open QuickBooks once more. If QuickBooks is not responding at this point, move on to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

Method 2: Delete the File Titled “Entitlement Data Store.ecml.”

If the information that was entered during the process of installing QuickBooks is incorrect or if the file that contains the information is corrupted, QuickBooks will display the error message. The error message reads – Delete Entitlement Data Store.ecml file. To get the job done, you will need to open the file in order to get rid of the error. Follow the steps below in order to successfully delete the Entitlement Data Store.ecml file:

  • It is necessary for you to close the QuickBooks file in the first place.
  • Then go to the Windows Start menu and select the Run option.
  • Make sure to copy and paste the information into the box labeled “Run.”
  • Right-click the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file, and select “Delete” from the menu that appears.
  • If removing the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file does not fix the problem, you should try the third solution method instead.

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Method 3: Start-Up The Refresher Tool For QuickBooks.

If the QuickBooks not responding error continues, you need to start the Refresher tool by implementing the below-explained steps: 

  • Put an end to your work in QuickBooks and close the program before you begin.
  • After that, you will need to download the QuickBooks refresher tool and then store the file on the computer.
  • When the download is finished, you can now proceed to the next step by selecting the “Run” option to launch the QBRefresher tool.
  • Simply select “Fix my QuickBooks” using a single mouse click. The troubleshooting tool will now automatically diagnose the problem and then attempt to fix it on its own.
  • The final step is to launch QuickBooks and check on the problem.

You have just read the three methods to resolve the error along with the causes. If you can’t fix the issues using this method, try the next one.

Method 4: Scan & Repair Bas Sectors On Your System’s Hard Drive 

Bad sectors on the hard drive are also one of the main reasons behind the arrival of the error. In such a case, you need to scan and repair it to get rid of the error by following the below-given steps:

  • Open Windows File Manager (Windows + E) and then right-click the C drive.
  • Here, you need to select Properties and then click the Check now option located underneath the Tools.
  • Mark the checkboxes against the “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” options.
  • In the end, click Start and wait until Windows finishes the scan and repair process.

Ending Words!

The solutions discussed in this post can help you to troubleshoot the QuickBooks not responding issue. For further assistance, you can chat with us or get a call back by sending us an email. Our experts will respond to you in a prompt manner and let you run QuickBooks smoothly.

Simple Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding Issue

Most often, the users might come across QuickBooks Outlook is not responding due to improper email configuration. In other instances, it may arise because of the inappropriate installation of the QuickBooks application. Whenever the issue occurs, users won’t be able to send emails through Outlook in QuickBooks.

However, if you are looking for a guide that contains all the relevant details to resolve the QuickBooks outlook not working issue. In this post, you will get to know all the details required to eradicate the issue immediately.

Are we stuck with QuickBooks Outlook not responding issue? Dial @ +1-844-508-2335 and connect with our experts to grab quick assistance.

Why Do Users Encounter QuickBooks Unable To Send Your Emails to Outlook?

At times, users might get QuickBooks Outlook not responding when Outlook and the accounting software are incompatible. However, there are other reasons also that may give rise to this issue; have a look at them. 

  • Misconfiguration of the email settings within QuickBooks. 
  • Sometimes, it may arise due to inappropriate installation of the QBDT on the system. 
  • It might be caused due to corruption or damage to the MAP132.dll file. 
  • You haven’t installed the Outlook application successfully on your device. 
  • When Outlook is already running in your device’s background, you attempt to send an email via QuickBooks. 

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How can you verify if Outlook isn’t responding while trying to send from QuickBooks?

Below are some signs and symptoms to identify the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue. 

  • You might experience this error when Microsoft Outlook starts reconnecting. 
  • It may occur when the QuickBooks screen turns white and becomes unresponsive while attempting to send emails through Outlook. 
  • In other instances, it may occur when some buttons in both Outlook and QuickBooks don’t work properly and eventually turn gray.
  • Your QuickBooks and Outlook applications begin to crash and then reopen automatically. 

What Should You Do To Resolve QuickBooks Outlook Not Responding Issue?

After understanding all the possible reasons that trigger the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue, move ahead to the next section. Here, we have described some quick and easy tricks to handle the issue seamlessly. We ensure you implement the steps in the same pattern as written below to avoid discrepancies. 

Fixation Method # 1: Verify That You Run QuickBooks With Proper Admin Rights

  • Primarily, right-click on the QuickBooks icon on the Desktop and then pick the option of Properties.
  • Move to the Compatibility tab and place a tick mark beside the “Run this program as Administrator”. You will get this option beneath the Privilege Level section.
  • If you notice that the checkbox is already marked, tap on Apply and then OK.
  • Relaunch your system and verify whether the problem still exists or not. 

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Fixation Method # 2: Rectify the Damage Within the MAPI32-DLL file 

As stated above, the presence of damage in the MAPI32-DLL file might give rise to Outlook not working issues. Therefore, to rectify the damage within the file, you must perform the following steps closely.

  • Initially, exit from any application running in the background.
  • Now, launch the Windows File Manager and then move to the C: > Windows > System32 folder.
  • Soon after this, search and tap on the file named “Fixmapi.exe” twice.
  • If you can not locate the file within Windows Explorer, you can find it manually through Windows Search.
  • Once you have successfully repaired the MAPI32-DLL file, launch QuickBooks and try sending an email.

Fixation Method # 3: Send the Emails Via Webmail from QuickBooks

If you face issues while sending emails through Outlook, you can also try sending them via Webmail. Doing so, will help you in fixing the issue and thus you can continue sending your emails via Webmail in QuickBooks.

  • Firstly, move to the Edit tab and then opt for the Preferences tab.
  • Now, you must choose the Send Forms option followed by the My Preferences tab.
  • After this, look for the Webmail Providers option beneath the Send Email Using section.
  • Next, select the Add option and insert all the details to add your email account.
  • Afterwards, hit on OK to save the email information you have entered. Later on, tap on OK to make changes to email preferences.
  • Finally, you must try to send an email and add the Outlook email password whenever asked.

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Fixation Method # 4: Examine the Internet Explorer’s Email Preferences 

  • To initiate the process, close the QuickBooks application and then exit from all the company files.
  • Afterwards, run Internet Explorer and select the Gear icon.
  • Following this, hover your cursor over the Internet Options from the preferences available.
  • Go to the Programs tab and ensure you set Outlook as the default email program.
  • Proceed further by clicking on the Apply option followed by OK.
  • You have to shut down Internet Explorer and then send an email using the QuickBooks application.
  • If you see that QB starts freezing due to some reason while sending an email, set Outlook as the default email.

Wrapping It Up!!

We have made all the efforts in providing you with all the best possible solutions to resolve QuickBooks Outlook is not responding issue. But, still, if you are hunting for any expert’s help, consult with our professionals through live chat for instant help. Another way to contact our professionals is by dropping an email and then explaining your query to get the proper resolution.

DIY Hacks to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1926

QuickBooks error 1926 is a common error that generally arises when a user doesn’t have enough access to some specific folder. QuickBooks stores your company Data securely, and that’s the reason why every user doesn’t have permission to modify the files and folders. Admin files are needed to access particular files.

Apart from this, there are various other reasons behind the errors in 1926. Read this article to acquire more knowledge about the error and its troubleshooting ways.

Wondering how to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1926 and need expert’s help? Dial @+1-844-508-2335 and get the best assistance instantly. 

What is QuickBooks Error Code 1926?

When you try to open a company file, you get an error 1926 notifications alert on your screen, saying:

“You do not have sufficient permissions to the specified folder. To use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, you must have read/write access and create/delete rights to the folder where the company file is stored”.

This means you need permission to make any kind of modification to the company file. So, in such cases, you have to ask the System Administrator to give you the authority to open the specific folder.

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What triggers QuickBooks Error 1926?

Below, we have mentioned the list of possible reasons that are promoting QuickBooks Error Code 1926:

  1. Insufficient permission to access files from the System Administrator
  2. If the QuickBooks file is saved in a protected location, i.e., Program files or the root of Drive C.
  3. The file is saved in a password-secured location.
  4. Your Company File is stored in a damaged or corrupted folder. 
  5. If the permission to access a folder is incorrect.

What are the steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 1926?

After having clear knowledge about the possible causes that promote the error, let’s take a look at the solutions that you can follow step-by-step to resolve QuickBooks error 1926;

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks Desktop with Admin Rights

Running QuickBooks without Admin credentials can stop you from accessing many features of the software. So to avoid any kind of obstacle, use QuickBooks as an Administrator. To do so, follow the given instructions:

  1. Initiate the process by clicking the QuickBooks software icon present on your desktop.
  2. Now, hit on the Properties tab.
  3. Thereafter, go to the Compatibility option, and choose the Run as Administrator tab.
  4. Now, select the Apply option to implement the changes.
  5. Then, hit the OK button to end the process.

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Solution 2: Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is a great feature from QuickBooks that helps the user in resolving various common errors. To utilize this program, you have to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Initiate the process by closing QuickBooks software.
  2. Now, Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub in your System.
  3. Next, navigate to the Downloads option, then look for the Tool Hub folder, then double click on the “QuickBooksTooHub.exe” file.
  4. Thereafter follow all the instructions available on your System’s screen.
  5. A new window will appear showing all the Terms and Conditions of the Software; accept it.
  6. Now you are done, open your System, and run the QBS Tool Hub.

Solution 3: Shift your Company File to the Default Location

At this point, you have an idea that the QuickBooks error code 1926 triggers due to insufficient authority of some folder or file. This means your file is saved in a secured location. Thus, to eliminate the error, you have to move your company file/ folder to the default location:

  1.  Close QuickBooks software.
  2. Thereafter, go to the location of your Company file.
  3. Now right-click on the company file (.qbw), and click on the Copy button.
  4. Next, go to the default location, i.e., Location: C://Users/Public/PublicDocuments/Intuit/QuickBooks/Company Files
  5. Right-click and hit the Paste option.
  6. Now, access the company file from the default location.

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Solution 4: Verify and Set the Folder Permission

If the first three methods fail to bring the desired help, check if the next solution can resolve the error 1926:

  1. Open Microsoft word or notepad.
  2. Now in the Text field, you have to enter a Test.
  3. Thereon, Save the file in the same directory as your Company file.
  4. Now, go to the start menu.
  5. Search for the folder that has the Company file.
  6. Next, navigate to the Properties option.
  7. Check the drop-down menu and select the Sharing option.
  8. Now, click on the Share Add icon.
  9. Select the preferred QBs Data Service user., and click on the Full Control tab.
  10. End the process by clicking on the Share option.
Solution 5: Generate a New Folder for Company File

If QuickBooks error 1926 continues to annoy you even after trying all the above-mentioned procedures, follow these steps:

  1. Click on display and select the New folder option. Verify again that you are creating the new folder in the same directory.
  2. Now, use the right-click button to copy the company files.
  3. Thereafter, navigate to that New folder and Paste the company file.
  4. Now, set up the correct folder permission to share your Company files with anyone.
  5. Next, You have to start the QBs Desktop and select the File menu.
  6. After that, hit the Open or restore a company option.
  7. Now, to go further in the process, select the Open a company file tab.
  8. At last, Click on the Next button.

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QuickBooks error code 1926 can take place when you fail to access some files due to insufficient authority. The solutions given in this post can help you with the error resolution. For further assistance, you may chat with us or email us your Queries.

Easy hacks to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors

Looking forward to a way to fix QuickBooks POS XML Errors? Go through this blog to get the best help possible.
A user can encounter an XML error in QuickBooks POS, while using QuickBooks Point of Sale. XML files are needed by the QB application to support its functionality. It is also used to store, move or share different data. If QBPOS faces a problem with some file or folder containing a damaged file, then it means the QuickBooks software is experiencing XML Errors.

Whenever a user faces QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors, a message will pop up on their screen as:

“Error: Process could not access file C:\ Program data\ Intuit\ Entitlement Client\v(x)\SessionData. XML because it is being used by another process” or “There is an error in XML document (0, 0)”.

Further, to know more about the causes and troubleshooting ways, you can read this blog.

Want to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors instantly? Dial @1-844-508-2335 and get assistance from our professionals as early as possible.

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Reasons that promote QuickBooks pos XML Errors 

Below we have mentioned the reasons that trigger the XML error in QuickBooks POS.

  • If your SessionData.xml  file is corrupted or damaged.
  • If the QuickBooks POS is partially installed.
  • Due to damage in the QuickBooks Point of Sale Entitlement Client folder.

Key Points to keep in mind prior to Troubleshooting XML error in QuickBooks POS

The steps you must follow before proceeding with the troubleshoots of QuickBooks pos XML Errors are:

1. Unhide all the hidden Files and Folders

  • To initiate the process, Press Windows+R; this will open Windows File Manager on your screen.
  • Now, select the Organize option and click on the Folder and Search buttons.
  • Thereafter, check the View tab to find the Show hidden files and folders option, and select it.
  • Next, un-mark the checkbox that says Hide protected system operating files.
  • At last, click on yes, followed by clicking on Apply and ok.

2. Get the latest maintenance patch of QuickBooks Points of Sale

  • Launch QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Now, in the help tab, look for the About QuickBooks Point of Sale option, and select it.
  • Now, review if the installed version is the latest version of QB POS; in case it is not the latest version, then follow the given steps to update the app.
  • Select the Help menu, and now click on Software Updates.
  • Next, hit the check for updates option, and select the Update Now tab.
  • Click on Ok.
  • Now, Once you see the Complete Update window, close the app and then restart your system.

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3. Configure the QuickBooks Point of Sale Settings

  • Open the Run window by pressing the Window+R key.
  • Now, write appwiz.cpl and hit the enter button.
  • Select ok and reach for QuickBooks POS from the list and select it.
  • Thereafter, click Uninstall/Change. 
  • Hit the Next tab and then choose Repair.
  • Now, wait for some time for the repair process to get finished, and then reboot your system. 

What are the methods to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors?

Now that you know all the important aspects of the error let’s learn and follow a few tried and tested solutions to troubleshoot it.

Solution 1. Modify the name of the Entitlement Client Folder

When you Change the name of the Entitlement Client Folder, it causes QuickBooks to create a new one. Thus if the error is due to corruption or damage in the folder, it will be fixed.
So to change the name of the Entitlement Client Folder, you can follow the given steps:

  • Launch Window File Manager and then go to  C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ Entitlement Client\ v(xx). 
  • Thereon, modify the name of the Version 12.0 folder to V8, Version 10.0 to V6, and Version 2013 to V8.
  • Now, check if no folders are displaying on your screen, then unhide the hidden files by following the process mentioned above.

Solution 2. Make changes in the name of the Session Data File

If you are changing the name of a session data file, it will also create a new one and eliminate the error, it is same as the folder option.

  •  Open the Run window by pressing the Window+R option.
  • Now, In the run window’, write down services.msc.
  • Click on ok, and search for Intuit Entitlement Service.
  • Next, right-click on the service and click on the Stop option.
  • Go to the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v  folder, and look for the SessionData.xml file.
  • Now, right-click on the file option and click on Rename.
  • Enter OLD in the file name as SessionDataOLD.xml.
  • At last, Launch QuickBooks POS and verify if the XML error is eliminated now. 

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Solution 3. Remove the files from the Entitlement Folder

If the reason behind the error is damaged or corrupted files in the Entitlement Client folder, then by deleting them, you can prompt QB to generate a new file, which is free from all the errors. To do so, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Launch Window File Manager
  • Now, go to C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\Entitlement Client\v folder.
  • Thereafter, to choose all the files present in the folder, press the Ctrl+A keys.
  • Next, you have to Press the Delete option.
  • Select Yes for the configuration.
  • Now, open the QuickBooks software again and check if the QuickBooks pos XML Error is resolved now.

Ending Note!

After trying all the mentioned solutions, if you are still facing the QuickBooks POS XML Errors, then it might be possible that your system is having some kind of technical problem that is creating issues in fixing the error. In that case, you need to get in touch with the QuickBooks professionals Team to your time in the error resolution process. Email us your Queries or use the live chat option for better assistance. These experts are available 24*7.

Effective Methods to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 7149 Instantly

QuickBooks Error 7149 is the most common runtime error that users might face while opening the accounting software. Sometimes, it may also occur due to data damage in program files. Whenever the users encounter this error, the following error message strikes their computer screen indicating:

“Error 7149: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. 

However, when the error occurs, the system begins to crash when you attempt to open or close the application. Furthermore, we recommend you go through this entire post to know more about this issue in detail. 

Are you facing issues while resolving QuickBooks Error 7149? If yes, then consult with our experts by placing a call at @+1844-508-2335 to figure out the issue immediately. 

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Reasons That Lead to the Occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 7149 

The users might end up with QuickBooks Error 7149 due to issues with the Windows registry. Also, it may appear due to multiple other reasons. Therefore, to let you understand all the probable causes, we have listed some of them below. 

  1. QuickBooks Error 7149 might occur when your company file might get damaged because of malware or virus attacks on your system.
  2. It may occur when the third-party application has accidentally deleted some essential QuickBooks data. 
  3. The antivirus software may be obstructing the functionality of the QuickBooks application.
  4. Unfinished or corrupt QuickBooks installation may also be one of the reasons. 

Scenarios When You Encounter QuickBooks Runtime Error 7149 

Here, we have mentioned some of the scenarios when you might discover QuickBooks Error 7149. Follow the steps listed below to identify the error. 

  1. You might see the error message on your computer screen on the occurrence of the error.
  2. Windows started working slowly or sluggishly.
  3. Sometimes, it may occur when you discover that an active program window crashes.
  4. Also, this error might trigger when your system starts freezing regularly. 

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Reliable Solutions to Rectify QuickBooks Error 7149 Hassle-Free 

This blog section will provide you with the step-by-step instructions required to eliminate Error 7149 in QuickBooks. Make sure you must go through this section thoroughly and apply the solutions in the same manner as instructed. 

1st Measure:- Configure or Install QuickBooks Once Again

  1. In the preliminary stage, hit the Windows key and then access your system’s Control Panel. From there, opt for the highlighted Add or Remove /programs option.
  2. Next, look for the QuickBooks icon, right-click, and choose the Repair option. 
  3. Following this, head towards the Uninstall tab to remove the QuickBooks application and install it again. 
  4. Finally, relaunch your system and try to open the QuickBooks application once again.

2nd Measure:- Switched Off the Antivirus Software for some time 

For instance, if you notice that your antivirus software is affecting the QuickBooks functionality, then disable it for some time. Perform as per the instructions given below. 

  1. In the initial stage, you must look for the antivirus software from the Taskbar.
  2. When you find it, right-click on the antivirus icon and opt for the Disable option. 
  3. Next, try opening the QuickBooks application in safe mode and then update it to the latest version. 

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3rd Measure:- End the conflicting programs 

At times, the users might encounter QuickBooks Error 7149 when one or more third-party applications are running in the background. Thus, it might interrupt the QuickBooks processes. So, to resolve the issue, it is necessary to end the background processes by implementing the instructions as follows: 

  1. To start the process, you first need to launch the Task Manager by simply hitting the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together.
  2. Consequently, it will show you the list of programs running in the background.
  3. Navigate and go to the Processes tab and stop the process one after the other by highlighting every program. Later on, opt for the End Processes tab and move further.
  4. You must look attentively at the message when it pops up on stopping a certain process.
  5. Once you know which process is hampering QuickBooks processes, proceed to the next resolution method. 

4th Measure:- Remove trojans, viruses, and Malware from your system 

As mentioned earlier, the users might come across QuickBooks Error 7149 because of malware issues. Thus, it is mandatory to run a complete scan of antivirus software. However, if the antivirus software detects any threat or malicious content, it will wipe out all the viruses. 

Once you have successfully removed the malware or other online threats, start your device again. Hence, launch the QuickBooks application to check if the error still exists. 

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The Final Verdict!!

Dealing with QuickBooks Error 7149 isn’t a tough deal, as you can fix it by following the resolution methods explained above. However, there might be the chance that you get stuck at any of these steps and couldn’t proceed further.

In such a scenario, we would advise you to take help from our QuickBooks experts through a live chat facility. Our QuickBooks customer support team is available round the clock to deliver the required assistance quickly.