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How To Fix QuickBooks Error H202?

Nov 18, 2022
QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks error H202 is an error in the program that crops up when switching to the multi-user mode. QuickBooks allows users to store their accounting data in a QuickBooks company file and let users host them on a network so that multiple users can access it simultaneously.

When different users work on the same company file, your business accounting can be managed with enhanced efficacy. However, an abrupt error code H202 in QuickBooks can prevent users from running multi-user mode efficiently. If you are not willing to deal with this error for too long, reading a friendly post will help in the error resolution.

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What Is Multi-User Mode Error H202?

In QuickBooks multi-user mode, the company file is hosted on the network computer, also known as the server computer. There is more computer added to it, known as workstations. When these workstations are not able to access the QuickBooks company (QBW) file from the server computer, QuickBooks error H202 crops up. When the error occurs, you will see a warning message for the same, which reads as:

“Error code: H202

This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.”

QuickBooks Error H202

In the error message box, you will also see the possible troubleshooting solution for this error. It recommends you run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to scan the network issues and them. However, for varied reasons, you will need to implement different solutions. First, have a look at the possible reasons behind QuickBooks error code H202.

Why Am I Unable To Run Multi-User Mode (H202)? 

If you are experiencing QuickBooks error H202 in the program, it means one or more reasons are promoting this error. Check the below-given factors that can evoke this error:

• Hosting must be configured properly. If not, the error H202 is on its way.
• The firewall of your server computer when blocks the incoming and outgoing communication ports, you may not be able to communicate with the QuickBooks company file.
• A conflicting DNS service is another reason behind the error.
• Make sure that the essential services are running on QuickBooks, or be ready to face the error.
• Damaged or corrupt Network Data File (.nd file).
• QuickBooks is having trouble getting the IP address of the host computer or server hosting the company file.
• QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not working efficiently.

How Can I Determine If The QuickBooks Desktop Error H202 Has Occurred? 

The error H202 in QuickBooks is recognizable by the signs that it shows on the screen. Some of these signs are stated in the below-given list:

• You can identify this error with the QuickBooks error message H202 on your screen.
• When switching to the QuickBooks company file, an error message appears abruptly on your screen.
• Inability to access your accounting data from server computers on your workstations.
• Slow, freezing, or handling QuickBooks application after the arrival of the error.
• The window is performing too slow that it can take you to your wit’s end.
• A few tabs in the QuickBooks application will stop working.

What Is The Troubleshooting Procedure For Error Code H202 in QuickBooks? 

If you are wondering how to get rid of the QuickBooks error H202, follow the below-explained steps as they are listed without losing attention:

Procedure* 1: Verify Your Network Connectivity

Ping your server from your workstation, getting the H202 error code to check whether the network connectivity is intact. You need to have your server name handy with you. If not, turn on Network Discovery on your server computer and on workstations getting the error. Below are the steps:

• Type RUN into the Windows search bar, which will open the Run box.
• After that, type cmd in the Run window and hit Enter button.
• Moving ahead, ping server name to ping the server name from the workstation facing the error and press Enter key.
• When doing so, you need to ensure that there should be space between the ping and servername.
• If the following response is slow or there is a packet loss, it shows that the network needs to be repaired. The next solution has got it covered.

Procedure* 2: Download QuickBooks Tool Hub For Various Tools 

QuickBooks Tool Hub is an incredible utility that offers a wide array of tools to help users deal with multi-faceted QuickBooks errors. QuickBooks error H202 can also be fixed by downloading Tool Hub. Follow the below-given steps:

• On Intuit’s website, track the download link for the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub and click it.
• Once it is downloaded, save it on your device.
• Follow the instructions explained on the screen to install the tool hub.
• Agree to the terms and conditions, and you are all set to put them to use.

Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

• When in QuickBooks Tool Hub, you need to select Network Issues.
• After that, pick QuickBooks Database Server Manager from the tools available for resolving network problems.
• Install the server manager if required.
• Moving ahead, click on Start Scan and locate your company file using the Browse option.
• Again, click on Start Scan, and don’t close this window until the scan process is finished.
• Once done, close QuickBooks and then reopen the program.
• Try switching to the multi-user mode to confirm the resolution of the QuickBooks error H202.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor 

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager may fail to resolve the error when the reason behind the issue is different. A damaged/corrupted QuickBooks company file can also evoke this error. Running QuickBooks File Doctor will help you repair your damaged company data. Now that you have already installed the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you have saved some extra steps in this procedure. Check below:

• Firstly, launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub application on your device, and select the “Company File Issues” option.
• Next, you will get the option to run the QuickBooks company file.
• Afterward, select the company file with the error using the Browse option.
• Now mark the box against the Check your File option and hit the Continue button.
• You need to provide your username and password and click the Next button.
• Following these steps, you have made QuickBooks File Doctor scan the company file and look for possible issues.
• Once the issues are detected, the tool will resolve them so you can get rid of the QuickBooks error H202.
• The entire process may take up to 20 minutes, based on the size of the scanned company file.

Procedure* 3: Rename Your Network Data File Having .ND Extention 

A network data file is essential in the folder containing the primary QuickBooks company file. To rename network data file:

• On your server computer, navigate to the QuickBooks company file folder and locate a file in the same folder.
• Next, right-click on .ND file and select Rename option from the drop-down list.
• After that, add .OLD at the end of the file name.
• The new file will look like .ND.OLD.

To Sum It Up!

QuickBooks error H202 can be annoying, but the solutions described in this post can help you kill this annoyance. Switch to the multi-user mode and enjoy using this incredible feature of the QuickBooks application. If you need additional help, connect with QuickBooks professionals with expertise in troubleshooting the widest range of QuickBooks issues.

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