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Easy hacks to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors

Jan 05, 2023
QuickBooks POS XML Errors

Looking forward to a way to fix QuickBooks POS XML Errors? Go through this blog to get the best help possible.
A user can encounter an XML error in QuickBooks POS, while using QuickBooks Point of Sale. XML files are needed by the QB application to support its functionality. It is also used to store, move or share different data. If QBPOS faces a problem with some file or folder containing a damaged file, then it means the QuickBooks software is experiencing XML Errors.

Whenever a user faces QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors, a message will pop up on their screen as:

“Error: Process could not access file C:\ Program data\ Intuit\ Entitlement Client\v(x)\SessionData. XML because it is being used by another process” or “There is an error in XML document (0, 0)”.

Further, to know more about the causes and troubleshooting ways, you can read this blog.

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Reasons that promote QuickBooks pos XML Errors 

Below we have mentioned the reasons that trigger the XML error in QuickBooks POS.

  • If your SessionData.xml  file is corrupted or damaged.
  • If the QuickBooks POS is partially installed.
  • Due to damage in the QuickBooks Point of Sale Entitlement Client folder.

Key Points to keep in mind prior to Troubleshooting XML error in QuickBooks POS

The steps you must follow before proceeding with the troubleshoots of QuickBooks pos XML Errors are:

1. Unhide all the hidden Files and Folders

  • To initiate the process, Press Windows+R; this will open Windows File Manager on your screen.
  • Now, select the Organize option and click on the Folder and Search buttons.
  • Thereafter, check the View tab to find the Show hidden files and folders option, and select it.
  • Next, un-mark the checkbox that says Hide protected system operating files.
  • At last, click on yes, followed by clicking on Apply and ok.

2. Get the latest maintenance patch of QuickBooks Points of Sale

  • Launch QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Now, in the help tab, look for the About QuickBooks Point of Sale option, and select it.
  • Now, review if the installed version is the latest version of QB POS; in case it is not the latest version, then follow the given steps to update the app.
  • Select the Help menu, and now click on Software Updates.
  • Next, hit the check for updates option, and select the Update Now tab.
  • Click on Ok.
  • Now, Once you see the Complete Update window, close the app and then restart your system.

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3. Configure the QuickBooks Point of Sale Settings

  • Open the Run window by pressing the Window+R key.
  • Now, write appwiz.cpl and hit the enter button.
  • Select ok and reach for QuickBooks POS from the list and select it.
  • Thereafter, click Uninstall/Change. 
  • Hit the Next tab and then choose Repair.
  • Now, wait for some time for the repair process to get finished, and then reboot your system. 

What are the methods to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors?

Now that you know all the important aspects of the error let’s learn and follow a few tried and tested solutions to troubleshoot it.

Solution 1. Modify the name of the Entitlement Client Folder

When you Change the name of the Entitlement Client Folder, it causes QuickBooks to create a new one. Thus if the error is due to corruption or damage in the folder, it will be fixed.
So to change the name of the Entitlement Client Folder, you can follow the given steps:

  • Launch Window File Manager and then go to  C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ Entitlement Client\ v(xx). 
  • Thereon, modify the name of the Version 12.0 folder to V8, Version 10.0 to V6, and Version 2013 to V8.
  • Now, check if no folders are displaying on your screen, then unhide the hidden files by following the process mentioned above.

Solution 2. Make changes in the name of the Session Data File

If you are changing the name of a session data file, it will also create a new one and eliminate the error, it is same as the folder option.

  •  Open the Run window by pressing the Window+R option.
  • Now, In the run window’, write down services.msc.
  • Click on ok, and search for Intuit Entitlement Service.
  • Next, right-click on the service and click on the Stop option.
  • Go to the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v  folder, and look for the SessionData.xml file.
  • Now, right-click on the file option and click on Rename.
  • Enter OLD in the file name as SessionDataOLD.xml.
  • At last, Launch QuickBooks POS and verify if the XML error is eliminated now. 

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Solution 3. Remove the files from the Entitlement Folder

If the reason behind the error is damaged or corrupted files in the Entitlement Client folder, then by deleting them, you can prompt QB to generate a new file, which is free from all the errors. To do so, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Launch Window File Manager
  • Now, go to C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\Entitlement Client\v folder.
  • Thereafter, to choose all the files present in the folder, press the Ctrl+A keys.
  • Next, you have to Press the Delete option.
  • Select Yes for the configuration.
  • Now, open the QuickBooks software again and check if the QuickBooks pos XML Error is resolved now.

Ending Note!

After trying all the mentioned solutions, if you are still facing the QuickBooks POS XML Errors, then it might be possible that your system is having some kind of technical problem that is creating issues in fixing the error. In that case, you need to get in touch with the QuickBooks professionals Team to your time in the error resolution process. Email us your Queries or use the live chat option for better assistance. These experts are available 24*7.

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