How Much Is TurboTax 2024?

Are you looking for tax preparation software that can simplify your tax filing process? If yes, then TurboTax is the must-to-go software. With this wonderful tax-filing software, users can reduce the burden of computing taxes manually and can file the taxes on time. But, before getting your hands on the TurboTax software, you must know how much is TurboTax 2024. However, to gain in-depth information regarding the pricing structure, you must stick to this post till the end.

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Who Should Run The TurboTax Software?

TurboTax is a highly recommended software that helps taxpayers file state and federal taxes on time. With the help of this software, no matter whether you are an experienced taxpayer or have less knowledge of filing taxes, you can easily file taxes with the user-friendly TurboTax software. However, if you are a dependent to claim student loan interest, then you are eligible to file state and federal taxes free of cost.

What Are The Advantages Of Accessing TurboTax?

You must go through the pointers below to get in-depth knowledge regarding the pros and cons of accessing the TurboTax software.

Benefits Of TurboTax

1. The main advantage of using TurboTax software is that it is user-friendly and has helpful interview-style questions, making the tax filing process much more convenient.

2. Another great thing is that it ensures the accuracy of filing taxes. However, if there is any issue while calculating the taxes, TurboTax will be liable to pay the penalty and interest for the same.

3. The taxpayers can also benefit from filing the taxes free of cost for up to one month. However, to file the more complex tax returns, you need to pay the charges.

4. You can also obtain an in-depth explanation of the tax concepts and a thorough guide.

5. Moreover, you can also get TurboTax live experts’ help and on-screen help from tax professionals and file the taxes accurately. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the customer care representatives through phone, email or live chat facility.

6. If you require any tax professionals to file, TurboTax charges up to $209 for filing state and federal tax returns.

7. In addition to this, taxpayers also have the option to attach their W-2 or 1099 forms to complete the fields while filing taxes accurately.

TurboTax Prices 2024

Before you use the TurboTax software for filing and calculating taxes, you must know about the TurboTax pricing 2024. However, the TurboTax 2024 cost may vary according to the subscription plan you purchase. The best thing is that the users can also get their hands on the free edition of the TurboTax software, which includes both state and federal filings. You must look at the pointers below to gain more insight about the pricing.

1. Free Edition

TurboTax offers free tax filing for federal and state returns. Moreover, the free filing comprises the W-2 income, dividend income, earned income credit, Child Tax credit, student loan interest deduction, and standard deduction.

2. Do It Yourself

To get your hands on the Deluxe edition, the taxpayers must file $59 for the federal and $59 for the state. Within the subscription, it covers only the itemized deductions.

On the other side for the Premium edition, $209 for federal and $64 for state. This subscription plan includes everything from plus on-demand help from a tax pro through video and the final preview of the self-prepared return.

For the Self-Employed edition, you must pay $219 for federal and $64 for state filing. It includes everything plus on-demand help through Tax Pro via video and the final review of your self-prepared return.

The Basic edition charges $0 from 3/31/24 for the Federal and State filings. It also contains the plus-demand help through Tax Pro via video with a final review of the self-prepared return.

3. Full Service

Taxpayers must pay $119 for federal taxes, which includes filing the W-2 and 1040 forms. However, the TurboTax price 2024 of the subscription plan may differ according to the tax situation and forms that are attached to your tax return. On the other hand, users must pay $64 for state tax filings.

You can consult with our TurboTax Expert Assistance to gather more details regarding the TurboTax Cost 2024. Once you get in touch with them, they will give you a clear insight into the pricing so you can decide which subscription plan best suits your budget and requirements.

To Summarize The Above!!

Through this comprehensive post, we hope that you have got a clear picture in your mind regarding how much is TurboTax 2024. However, you can consult with our TurboTax Live experts at GoTaxation if you require further assistance. They will offer you the best possible assistance within the shortest possible time.


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Why Is My Tax Return So Low 2024 TurboTax?

Every year, while filing taxes, the question arises in the user’s mind: why is my tax return so low 2024 TurboTax? However, if you are also stuck with the same problem, then you are not the only one with this problem. It is the most frequently faced problem that triggers due to multiple factors, including changes in income, policy changes, and filing problems. To find more details regarding this issue, continue reading this post and learn all the possible causes arising from the issue and how to overcome this problem quickly.

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Possible Reasons Why Is My Tax Return So Low 2024 TurboTax

While filing the taxes through TurboTax, the question might arise in the user’s mind about why my tax return was so low in 2024 TurboTax. So, to help you understand all the factors responsible for this issue, we have illustrated some of the causes below.

1. You may have made certain mistakes when reporting income, deductions, or claims of credits. So, you must review the tax statement before filing them to avoid further discrepancies.

2. Another possibility is that some paperwork is missing, which might delay the processing of the taxes. As a result, the missing details will eventually reduce your refund.

3. Sudden fluctuations in income may also hamper your tax returns. For instance, if an individual salary increases significantly in 2023, you will eventually be in a higher tax bracket. As a result, you will have to pay a high tax rate, which will minimize your overall refund.

4. The standard deduction raised by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has suddenly maximized the standard deduction, ultimately reducing the value of itemized deductions for taxpayers. However, the lower reimbursements are the drawback of insufficient qualifying costs.

5. In other cases, limited tax credits, such as the Dependent Care Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Child Tax Credit, may also hamper the refund amount.

6. For instance, if you have itemized the deductions but won’t have enough expenses to incur in the following year, then you notice that the standard deduction is insufficient to offset your taxable income. As a result, it will eventually cause a low in refunds.

How To Track Tax Return TurboTax Status?

To enhance your tax refund in 2024, you must conduct the research, prepare, and plan. However, you can also enhance your tax refund by considering the following points.

1. The first thing you must do is access the IRS website using the preferred web browser. You can use the “” in the browser’s address bar.

2. Afterwards, you must look for the “Where’s my Refund’’ Tool, which you will obtain from the homepage. Once you get the link, tap on it to use the tracking tool.

3. You must then fill in the necessary details in the respective text fields. The following are the details you need to mention to proceed further.

  • Add the correct Social Security Number.
  • You have to make the correct choice regarding the filing status. For eg, Household, Marital Status – Married or Single.
  • Also, you must mention the accurate amount of the anticipated refund from the tax return.

4. You are supposed to list the mandatory data and then hit the Submit button. As a result, you will notice that the tool will represent the exact status of the refund, which will represent any of the following.

  • It will notify you regarding the tax return you received from the IRS, which is ready to process now.
  • Also, it will tell you about your approval regarding your refund scheduled for delivery.
  • Later on, it will tell you that your refund has been issued and is ready to be refunded.

How To Find Previous Tax Returns On TurboTax?

You can find previous tax returns on TurboTax in two different ways. Go through both instances carefully and apply the steps accordingly.

Instance 1: Signing In TurboTax For The First Time In 2024

How to get old tax returns from TurboTax? You can get the TurboTax last year return by logging into the TurboTax account. For the detailed procedure, you must read the instructions below closely.

1. How to find old tax returns on TurboTax? First of all, log in to your TurboTax account using the accurate sign-in details and initiate the process to get TurboTax old tax returns.

2. After this, you must hit the highlighted Continue button from the screen to reflect your summary from last year.

3. You are supposed to pick the year you want the tax return from the available list. Then, you must hit the Download/Print Return (PDF) option to initiate the TurboTax download tax return.

4. However, it might be in another account if you cannot find the year you want the tax returns. You are supposed to check that account to obtain the required information. Doing so, you can easily get TurboTax for prior year returns.

Instance 2: In Case You Already Initiated Your TurboTax Tax Returns

Herein, you must log in to the TurboTax account using the same login details used for the accounts earlier. Furthermore, we have described how to see previous tax returns on TurboTax in two distinct ways. Reward the pointers below closely.

1. You must navigate to the Documents option from the side menu. After this, tap the drop-down arrow to pick the tax year you want the tax return. Later on, go with the highlighted Download Tax PDF option and get the TurboTax download tax return.

2. Another way is accessing the Tax Home, wherein you must scroll down to the page and opt for Your Tax returns and documents.

3. Thereon, choose the year you wish the TurboTax tax returns and hit the Download/Print Return (PDF). With this, you can easily get TurboTax previous tax returns.

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When Does TurboTax Start Accepting Returns 2024?

According to the latest IRS announcement, from January 29th, i.e., Monday onwards, 2024, TurboTax will start accepting the returns filed for the tax year 2023. However, the IRS has not yet initiated accepting the e-filing of the tax returns. Still, TurboTax securely holds all your taxes and transfers them to the IRS and the state whenever they are open for e-filing.

What Is The Purpose Of TurboTax Return Calculator, And How Does It Work?

A TurboTax Return Calculator is a tool that enables users to estimate their income tax throughout the year. Moreover, you can use the TurboTax tax return estimator to identify the appropriate withholding amount. Users can also spot how IRA contributions hamper income taxes and the after-effects of major life events on their tax returns. Above all, it also makes it easier for users to find out exactly how much of a refund they will get from the tax return.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The TurboTax Tax Return Estimator?

Taxpayers can avail of numerous benefits by accessing the TurboTax tax return estimator. So, to understand all such benefits, you must read the pointers below closely.

1. Easy To Use Interface

The best thing about the tax return TurboTax calculator is that it has a simple-to-use interface, which makes it convenient for the users to run it smoothly. Moreover, users can insert their financial details accurately and get accurate results without further delays.

2. Most Appropriate Refund Estimations

Another advantage of accessing the TurboTax calculators is that they provide taxpayers with more precise and dependable refund estimations. Moreover, taxpayers can now easily obtain useful insights into what they can expect from their tax refunds.

3. Get The Personalized Assistance

You can also utilize the TurboTax tax calculators to obtain personalized financial suggestions. This will help taxpayers make financial decisions and save time manually calculating taxes.

4. Access the Real-Time Updates

The calculator is updated regularly to reflect changes in tax rules and regulations. As a result, it ensures that the users have access to the current information to make informed business decisions.

5. Complete Data Security and Safety

Now, the time flies when the users have to worry about data security. TurboTax ensures high-end security in protecting sensitive data. So, the TurboTax tax return calculator adheres to strict rules and regulations regarding data protection, safeguarding the data from any unauthorized access.

Documents You Require Before Using Tax Return TurboTax Calculator

The following are certain documents that the users must require to run the Tax return TurboTax calculator to compute income taxes quickly. Ensure you don’t miss any of these documents; otherwise, it might create issues when computing the tax return.

1. Your Current Filing Status

It is important to mention your present filing status, whether you’re filing the tax return alone or jointly.

2. Details Regarding Already Paid Taxes

For instance, the amount you paid will be mentioned if you have previously withheld income tax or made any estimated tax payments.

3. Income Details

Herein, you must list your total income and information regarding any deductions made or credits you are liable for.

Above all, you should also keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for the final documents in hand to operate the TurboTax tax return estimator. Instead, you have the option to utilize the pay stub. But if you have your final documents, they will give you more appropriate results.

How Does The Tax Return Calculator TurboTax Work?

To run the Tax Return Calculator TurboTax, you must first answer some simple questions regarding your situation. Soon after this, the TaxCaster, a free tax calculator, will estimate your tax refund amount or how much money you owe to the IRS. However, the TaxCaster always remains updated according to the recently launched laws, which will help you accurately compute the taxes.

You will notice that the results are only TurboTax estimate tax return, as numerous factors may affect the income tax calculator. Later, when you are ready to file the taxes with TurboTax, you will get the proper stepwise instructions to ensure that the taxes are paid appropriately.

What’s The Procedure For TurboTax Login Tax Return?

Users need to complete the TurboTax Login process to file their tax returns easily. To accomplish this, you must implement the steps outlined below.

1. Start the process by entering “” into the address bar of your web browser.

2. Once the page loads, it will open the TurboTax login window on your screen.

3. You are supposed to add the email address associated with your TurboTax account. If you created the account through a mobile number, mention the linked number in the respective text field.

4. After this, you must add the correct password linked to your TurboTax account and then hit the Sign-In tab.

5. However, if you don’t have an account with TurboTax earlier, you can create one by clicking the Create an Account option. Later, you can sign in to the account using those login details.

6. Once you enter the TurboTax account, you can use it to file your tax return with TurboTax. If you get any issues while creating the TurboTax account, dial the TurboTax customer service number and resolve the issue.

How Much Does TurboTax Charge To E File Federal Returns?

The prices for e-filing federal returns with TurboTax may vary according to the plan you are purchasing to file the returns.

1. Do-It-Yourself

To get the Deluxe edition for e-filing the federal returns, you need to pay $59; for the premium edition, you need $119; and for the Self-Employed, you need $129.

2. TurboTax Live

The taxpayers must pay $129 for the Deluxe edition, $209 for the Premium one, and $219 for the self-employed.

3. Full Service

To get the full-service subscription, you must pay $119, and for the self-employed version $409.

How Much Does TurboTax Charge To E File State Returns?

You must go through the following pointers to get in-depth details regarding the payment you must make to e-file the state returns with TurboTax.

1. Do-It-Yourself

To e-file the state tax return with TurboTax, you must pay $59 per state for the Deluxe, Premium, and Self-Employed editions.

2. TurboTax Live

Taxpayers must pay $64 per state for Deluxe, Premium, and Self-Employed Editions.

3. Full-Service

The users must pay $64 for the Deluxe and Self-Employed editions to e-filing the state returns through TurboTax.

However, to get more details regarding the price you must pay while e-filing tax returns, you can use the number for TurboTax customer service and get all the answers to your queries.

How To Compute The Estimated Tax Return 2024 TurboTax?

Below, we have discussed the proper stepwise instructions to calculate the estimated tax return 2024 TurboTax.

1. With your tax return open, you must look for the 1040-es form and then proceed further.

2. Soon after this, you must opt for the highlighted Jump to link.

3. You must hit the answer No next to the question, “Do you want to change your W-4 withholdings for 2024?”

4. Thereon, users must answer questions about certain things, including 2024 filing status, income, and deductions.

5. Consequently, you will notice that the Print Vouchers screen appears on your computer screen. Answer Yes, and it will automatically include your 2024 1040-ES payment vouchers when printing the copy of your return later.

How Can I Get TurboTax Estimated Return?

To get the TurboTax estimate my return, you are supposed to follow the instructions outlined below.

1. Initially, you must log in to your TurboTax account to review the status of your federal tax return. Then, you need to take note of the exact refund amount.

2. You can easily track the refund once the IRS accepts your tax return. However, if you do not receive the refund within 21 days, you must contact the IRS immediately.

3. Now, you can easily track down your state refund in TurboTax.

Summarizing The Above!!

Hopefully, this post has enlightened you regarding all the possible causes of why my return is so low in 2024 TurboTax and how to deal with it. However, if you require any additional help, you can connect with our professionals quickly and get an immediate response to your query.