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How To Fix TurboTax Error Code 190?

How To Fix TurboTax Error Code 190?

TurboTax is top-rated accounting software that helps millions of taxpayers in filing their State and Federal taxes while eliminating the need for paperwork. However, being software, it is not devoid of technical glitches. One such error in TurboTax is error code 190, which takes place when a user tries to open the company file. When... Read More

How To Fix Or Resolve TurboTax Error 42015?

How To Fix Or Resolve TurboTax Error 42015?

TurboTax error 42015 is a common error that can drop up when using the program for the tax preparation. A malfunctioning PC is one of the most apparent reasons behind this error code; however, there is a myriad of the reasons that can bring forth this error in the program, such as improperly installed software.... Read More

TurboTax Error Code 65535

How do I Fix TurboTax Error Code 65535?

Are you confronting TurboTax error code 65535? If yes, you must know that this error arises when you are trying to download and install TurboTax on your Windows. It does not depend whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 10 or any other Windows Operating System to witness this error. There could be many reasons... Read More

Install TurboTax 2021

How To Install TurboTax 2021 For Mac?

Install TurboTax 2021 - You may think the word ‘tax’ is a single three-letter easy word, but only a few people know how scary this three-letter word can be as it involves lots of tedious paperwork and complex calculation. You need to complete many forms and loss of documents needs to be prepared while filing... Read More

1098-T Error in TurboTax

How to Fix 1098-T Error in TurboTax?

1098-T Error in TurboTax - TurboTax form 1098-T is the American IRS tax form which is given to the college student by the educational institution. This form is known for giving information about how much tuition fee is paid by the student in a taxable year. Every student has to file this form when they... Read More

TurboTax Delayed Refund

7 Reasons Why your Tax Refund Could be Delayed

A typical blunder made by an individual is the incorrect filing of their income tax returns. The end of the financial year is crucial for salaried people as they have filed their income tax and wait for an assessment discount. With the introduction of electronically filing the returns, the time for the government handling all... Read More

forgot TurboTax id password

Forgot Your TurboTax Online User ID or Password?

These days people have accounts in so much software that often they tend to forget their passwords or merge the two different accounts. It is also hard to remember passwords with a vast number of online accounts. If you are facing trouble logging in to your TurboTax online account and have forgotten your user ID... Read More

How do I find my Employer’s EIN or Tax ID in TurboTax?

How do I find my employer’s EIN or Tax ID in TurboTax?

All taxpayers should be familiar with the terms related to filing tax returns. One of the most important tax details you should know is the EIN number of your employer. The Employer Identification Number which is sometimes referred to as the Federal Employer Identification Number is a nine-digit number that is given to employers within... Read More