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Easy Steps to Recover QuickBooks Admin Password

Oct 15, 2022
reset QuickBooks admin password

Your QuickBooks Admin password allows you to control most of the settings and functions of your accounting software. If you cannot remember the password you will find it difficult to use QuickBooks properly. This blog will give you a general overview of what you can do to reset QuickBooks admin password. If you find that your password does not work because of a security issue you can call the QuickBooks customer support number and speak to an expert to clear your doubts.

The Best Way to Reset QuickBooks Admin Password

The best way and most efficient way to recover your QuickBooks Admin password are to use the Automated Password Reset Tool. The exact steps you need to follow to use the password tool may differ depending on the QuickBooks Desktop version you use to open your QuickBooks company file. Here are some general steps you will need to follow to recover your QuickBooks password using the tool:

reset QuickBooks admin password

  • Open your web browser, go to the official QuickBooks page and then download the automated password tool for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go through the options and select your version of QuickBooks Desktop and make sure that the version you used to open your file is installed on your PC.
  • Fill in the QuickBooks license number and 2 other related business info that you entered when you registered QuickBooks and then press ‘Next.’
  • If you see an error that states “The details you’ve provided didn’t match” then you can call the QuickBooks customer care number and ask for help.
  • Read and accept the license agreement and then select ‘Download now’ to start the download process for the Automated Password Reset tool.
  • Run the Automated Password Reset tool and then enter the token number that was sent to your registered email address.
  • Select the QuickBooks version and the company file you want to reset the password for. Be sure to enter the correct Company File Admin User Name.
  • Enter your New Password and retype it to confirm. Once you are done you can select ‘Reset Password’ to complete the process.

When you complete the entire process you can restart your computer and then try to log in to your QuickBooks company file using the new password you just set. In case you encounter an error while logging in, or if you find that you could not complete the steps mentioned above you can call the QuickBooks customer service number and ask for help. Qualified QuickBooks experts and technicians are available 24 hours a day to help you rec over your administrator password so that you can carry on using QuickBooks without any problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To open QuickBooks Software on your device without password, kindly follow the listed below steps till the very end:

Step 1: Open QuickBooks Desktop on your device.

Step 2: Click on the Edit option which is available at the top menu.

Step 3: Choose your Preference.

Step 4: Scroll down to find the Service Connection option.

Step 5: Navigate to the Company Preferences option.

Step 6: Choose the Automatically connect without asking for a password option available on your computer screen.

Step 7: Click the OK option to successfully open QuickBooks without a password.

We hope that the above mentioned steps helped you to open QuickBooks successfully even without password!

If you hold the access of Admin, then follow the listed below steps till the very end:

Step 1: Click on the Settings option and click on the Manage users.

Step 2: Choose the Accounting firms option.

Step 3: Find the admin that you want to delete.

Step 4: Click on the dropdown list in the Action column and then click on the Delete option.

Step 5: Choose to Delete to confirm.

We hope that following the above mentioned steps helped you to successfully delete an admin in QuickBooks. If not, then you are advised to get in touch with our dedicated executive who can provide real time assistance to you to successfully delete an admin in QuickBooks.

To reset your password, follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Try to login into your QuickBooks Account and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ page.

Step 2: Input your correct User ID in the designated field.

Step 3: Input your e-mail address.

Step 4: On your registered e-mail address associated with your Intuit Account, you will receive a security Pin.

Step 5: Input the security PIN in the designated field.

Step 6: Answer the security question to proceed with the next step.

Step 7: On this window, input a new password and confirm the details that you want to set.

Follow the listed below step by step guide to successfully delete your QuickBooks Account and Start from the very beginning:

Step 1: Log in to your QuickBooks Online account by entering the correct credentials.

Step 2: On the next window of your computer screen, you will find a summary of the items that you can delete.

Step 3: Type in and enter YES to proceed further in the process.

Step 4: Once the data gets deleted, click OK.

Step 5: Choose the Wipe Data option.
Step 6: Once done with this, you’ll be rerouted to the home page of QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks, the master admin is the user who holds the highest level of permissions and privileges in QuickBooks Online software. Intuit’s cloud-based accounting software supports several types of users, including accounting firms and standard users and one of those major users is the master admin.

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