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TurboTax is a highly preferred tax preparation software used for tax returns. It has an intelligible user interface that facilitates users with processing and electronic filing of tax returns for businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs. To reap the incredible benefits of this Program, you need to download it using or through the CD.

However, before moving ahead with the download and installation of TurboTax, you must learn about a few requirements of the Software. If you are willing to utilize TurboTax for your tax preparation, this intuitive article will guide your way through step-by-step instructions.

What are the Requirements to Install TurboTax using

First, we have to understand the basic System Specifications that must be fulfilled to install the TurboTax Program version 2021 on your Computer.

  • You must have idea about the website from where you are supposed to download the TurboTax Program i.e.,
  • Provide a good internet connection.
  • Operating System should be Windows 8.1 or later versions. Note: TurboTax doesn’t support Windows 8.
  • The required Screen resolution is 1024 X 768.
  • For Mac & Windows, both hard drive Space needs to be 1 GB at least.

Note: For Microsoft .NET 4.5.2, it should be 4.5 GB.

  • RAM must be 2 GB or more.
  • Finally, You have to install Adobe Reader to view or open the Tax Forms on your Screen.

Note: In case you are installing the TurboTax Application using the CD, then a CD/DVD is also needed.

What are the steps to Download TurboTax through

In this section, we have mentioned the steps to download the TurboTax Software

  • Initially, open your Browser and enter installturbotax com in the search box.
  • Next, visit the TurboTax Account Creation Page.

account creation page

  • When the Account Creation Window opens, head to the login Window.
  • Now on the login page, enter all the required details and click on the Create an Account button. Note: Make Sure that the details you have provided are correct.
  • Lastly, click on the blue colored “Produce Account” tab to finish the account creation task. Now, click on the Confirm My Email option to confirm the installation with license code 2021.

How To Install TurboTax Software?

Once you have created the Account with the help of, now, you have to head further for the installation process.

Note: After setting up your TurboTax account, you will see a pop-up window on your Screen. In this window, you need to enter your 16-digit (or 14 digit for 2019 products) license code.

2021 Turbotax Activation key

  • Once you have your license code handy with you, select your operating system and hit the Get Download button.
  • Download the Program on your device and install it by following the given instructions carefully.
  • After the TurboTax installation, you will see the activation screen. Here, enter your license code and select Continue to finish the installation process.

After the successful installation, you can use it for easy tax preparation and filing.

Note: The installation process differs according to your device. In case you want to use TurboTax on iPhone or Android, you have to download it from the Apple Store or play store, respectively.

How to Install TurboTax Using CD Drive?

Firstly you have to buy the TurboTax CD, then follow the given instructions to install it on your Windows Device:

  1. Exit all the running Programs in your System.
  2. Thereafter turn off the Firewall or Antivirus, and take out your TurboTax CD.
  3. Insert this CD into the CD-ROM, and head to the This Pc icon.
  4. Moving ahead, navigate to the CD: Drive, and execute the setup.exe section.
  5. Thereon, click on the Next button and hit the I Agree option in the agreement.
  6. Next, you have to choose the Change button to make changes in the location of installation files.
  7. End the process by hitting the Install button.

Important: Now, wait for a few minutes for the installation process to get completed.

Things to keep in Mind After Installing TurboTax

Now, once you download the app, make sure to follow a few points for a trouble-free, smooth experience:

  • Provide a stable and strong internet Connection.
  • While creating the Account, make sure to generate a Strong and hard-to-hack password.
  • Never log in to your Account using a public computer. In case you use it in an emergency, avoid clicking on Remember Me option.

What is the Difference between TurboTax Online and TurboTax CD Download?

Below we have discussed the difference between TurboTax online and CD Drive:

TurboTax Online

When we say TurboTax online, we simply mean that you have installed the software using the website. This online downloaded version of TurboTax lets users access the Program on their preferred Computer or device with the help of a stable Internet connection. You can prepare and e-file your tax return remotely without accessing a particular system.

Moreover, no software installation is required in order to utilize the incredible features of the Program. Thus, you don’t need to save anything on your System that occupies additional space. The online version of the Program stores your data on secure servers that give you any time, anywhere access to your tax forms and information.

A majority of users (up to 75%) go with the TurboTax online version for the flexibility that it offers. You can perform federal and state e-filing with the utmost ease. The Assist and Review service helps you access tax experts easily so that you can get help with TurboTax Customer Service Number.

TurboTax Online offers an intelligible user interface divided into easy-to-navigate sections. You can use the online version of the software on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It allows users to ReFile their return from their preferred System with an Internet connection.

TurboTax CD Download:

Whereas when we talk about the CD Download of the TurboTax application, it basically signifies downloading the software via CD Drive. This enables you to download and install the software on your local Desktop. You can even work on your taxes without an Internet connection. Besides that, your work will also be stored on the hard drive. The CD Download of the software includes the cost of the tax preparation for one state.

You can prepare and print unlimited federal tax returns and up to five e-filing at no charge. The additional cost will be charged per state e-file. The CD-downloaded TurboTax software is more convenient for users preparing tax returns for multiple people.

Regardless of which version of the TurboTax software you are using, you may get easy support options to get all your queries answered and all the technical issues resolved. The Assist and Review service can help you will all your doubts, queries, and error resolution.

Note: CD-downloaded TurboTax is only compatible with the Windows operating system.

In Essence!

Above, we have mentioned all the steps you must follow to download via and CD Drive as well. We hope now things will be easier for you. While using The software, always remember, it guarantees the utmost accuracy when the information is entered. In such a case, TurboTax pays the IRS penalties and fees for calculation errors. However, this guarantee will be voided when you enter incorrect information related to your taxes.

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