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QuickBooks Error 6000, 83: Fix with Effective Methods

QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 is a very common company File error. This appears while a user is launching or restoring their Company File. It is not really an out-of-the-box problem that can’t be resolved, but you must have the proper understanding of the Error to fix it easily. In this guide, we have mentioned all the details that you must know about this issue 6000 83 in QuickBooks. Thus, keep following the article.

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What are the Flaws Behind QuickBooks Error 6000, 83?

To know about the major causes behind QuickBooks error -6000 -83 and get its better insight, check the section given below:

  • Important QuickBooks files are missing.
  • You might be trying to convert the company file to a prior version using the Internet.
  • If the Windows user does not have enough permission.
  • The Windows version you are using is not U.S. or Canadian.
  • If the company file is damaged or corrupted, you might end up with QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 83.
  • Another major reason can be the hosting mode being accessible on different devices.
  • At times, this Error can also occur due to the presence of a Firewall, or any other security software, as this software can restrict the files.
  • In case the authorization of the network server is less than the required amount, you may end up with QuickBooks error code 6000, 83.
  • If there is a problem related to the permission of the QBDataServiceUserXX.

How to Identify QuickBooks Error 6000, 83?

Below we have mentioned and few signs and symptoms that can help you recognize Error 6000 83 QuickBooks:

  • The QuickBooks stops responding to your command.
  • A black or blank screen might appear in front of you.
  • QuickBooks stops performing the tasks properly.
  • The QuickBooks window shuts down while completing a task.
  • The may System starts lagging.
  • QuickBooks starts freezing frequently.

How do I Fix Error 6000 83 in QuickBooks?

The steps to resolve QuickBooks Error -6000 -83 depend majorly on the action performed just before the Error appears on the screen. Below we have given all the different scenarios along with the solution for that; you can select one troubleshooting way accordingly.

Scenario 1: If the Error Occurs when you are Creating a Data File Backup

  1. In the beginning, head to the Server Computer that is hosting the Company Data File.
  2.  Next, in the QuickBooks home screen, hit on the File tab, and select Quit QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Moving ahead, double tap on the This PC icon present on the Desktop, and go to the C: drive.
  4. In the C: drive, you have to right-click and choose New Folder.
  5. Name this New Folder as QB Test, and create a Backup of your Company File Data via QuickBooks.
  6. Now, when the app asks you to select a location to store the backup you just created, click on QB Test.
  7. Moving ahead, you have to restore the backup of your Company File and check if the problem is fixed now.

Note: If the Company File Error 6000 83 QuickBooks is not appearing now, you might use the backup as your primary company file. Simply modify the name of the older company file to avoid any misunderstanding.

Scenario 2: QuickBooks Error -6000, -83 Appears while Restoring the Data File

If the Company File Error 6000 83 QuickBooks Occurs while you try to restore the company file, you have to look for the problems in the Backup File or the name of the file folder. This is because it’s a very common error that might make your company file out of access.

  1. Initially, Select the Windows icon to open the Start menu and navigate to the Search Panel.
  2. Enter File Explorer, and double-click on it to launch the Explorer Window.
  3. Next, head to the folder in which your QuickBooks files are stored and look for the backup file, i.e., company_file.qbb.
  4. Move ahead by right-clicking on the File and choosing the Rename option.
  5. Now, ensure no additional white space character is in the backup file name.
    Note: While renaming the backup file, avoid using Symbols as well.
  6. Next, right-click on the folder in which these files are stored and tap on Rename again.
  7. Follow the overall steps that are mentioned above once again.
    Note: Remove all the extra spaces, special characters, and symbols.
  8. Now, shut the Window and restart your device.
  9. Finally, Restore the company File backup in your QuickBooks Program.

Scenario 3: When the File is Stored on Windows Server, and the Error Comes up

You can end up with this Error majorly when a company file or your backup file is stored on the server system. To resolve this QuickBooks Error code 6000, 83, you have to review the hosting settings of your System.

  1. Firstly, head to any Workstation in your network and launch QuickBooks.
  2. Thereafter, select the File Menu option, and scroll down until you reach Utilities.
  3. After reaching the utility tab, check the steps given below:
    1. Check the list, and if you find the Host Multi-User Access, it is the Skip button.
    2. Again, go through the overall list and look for Stop Hosting Multi-User Access; if you find it Select it.
    3. Now, launch QuickBooks on your Host System, and Click on the File tab.
    4. Thereon, choose Utilities, and check the following details:
      • Tap on the Host Multi-User Access section, and launch the Menu again.
      • Thereafter select the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access button and repeat the overall process by choosing Host Multi-User Access to reboot the multi-user mode.

Scenario 4: Manually Fixing, if the Error is caused due to Third party Permission

In case you end up to be in this situation due to an antivirus or scrutiny software, check the below section:

1st Solution: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool To Fix the Error 6000 83 QuickBooks

The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool can easily help you fix the problems linked with Company files or Networks. To utilize its feature, you must first download it to your System from the official website of QuickBooks. Once it is downloaded, install it and agree to the terms and conditions. Run the tool in your System to resolve the issue.

This tool will run a complete scan for all the Server errors and fix them by itself. Once you are sure the issues are rectified, reboot your System to allow the changes to take place.

2nd Solution: Check the Antivirus Configuration for QuickBooks

To rectify any issue due to Firewall or antivirus, you can follow the set of instructions:

Note: Intuit doesn’t have any specific support for firewall-related problems.

  1. Begin the process by looking at your Firewall configuration to get all the QuickBooks Desktop Firewall updates in your System.
  2. Thereafter, check the Security Software set to make sure about the network issues and the Expectations.
  3. Next, head to the Firewall Maker’s website and check the instructions for overall Firewall Configuration in the System.

Note: The Firewall Configuration must need to permit Internet access to QuickBooks Files on all the Systems and machines.

3rd Solution: Download the latest version of QuickBooks Software

If none of the above methods works in your favor to resolve QuickBooks Company File error 6000, 83, you have to update your QuickBooks software to the latest version. You can do it using the official website of Intuit.

Bottom Line!

We hope this article helped you in Rectifying QuickBooks Error 6000, 83. However, if you still need any additional help, feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks Experts via live chat. These experts are available to assist you around the clock. So feel free to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number.