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How Much Is TurboTax 2024?

Mar 21, 2024
How Much Is TurboTax 2024?

Are you looking for tax preparation software that can simplify your tax filing process? If yes, then TurboTax is the must-to-go software. With this wonderful tax-filing software, users can reduce the burden of computing taxes manually and can file the taxes on time. But, before getting your hands on the TurboTax software, you must know how much is TurboTax 2024. However, to gain in-depth information regarding the pricing structure, you must stick to this post till the end.

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Who Should Run The TurboTax Software?

TurboTax is a highly recommended software that helps taxpayers file state and federal taxes on time. With the help of this software, no matter whether you are an experienced taxpayer or have less knowledge of filing taxes, you can easily file taxes with the user-friendly TurboTax software. However, if you are a dependent to claim student loan interest, then you are eligible to file state and federal taxes free of cost.

What Are The Advantages Of Accessing TurboTax?

You must go through the pointers below to get in-depth knowledge regarding the pros and cons of accessing the TurboTax software.

Benefits Of TurboTax

1. The main advantage of using TurboTax software is that it is user-friendly and has helpful interview-style questions, making the tax filing process much more convenient.

2. Another great thing is that it ensures the accuracy of filing taxes. However, if there is any issue while calculating the taxes, TurboTax will be liable to pay the penalty and interest for the same.

3. The taxpayers can also benefit from filing the taxes free of cost for up to one month. However, to file the more complex tax returns, you need to pay the charges.

4. You can also obtain an in-depth explanation of the tax concepts and a thorough guide.

5. Moreover, you can also get TurboTax live experts’ help and on-screen help from tax professionals and file the taxes accurately. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the customer care representatives through phone, email or live chat facility.

6. If you require any tax professionals to file, TurboTax charges up to $209 for filing state and federal tax returns.

7. In addition to this, taxpayers also have the option to attach their W-2 or 1099 forms to complete the fields while filing taxes accurately.

TurboTax Prices 2024

Before you use the TurboTax software for filing and calculating taxes, you must know about the TurboTax pricing 2024. However, the TurboTax 2024 cost may vary according to the subscription plan you purchase. The best thing is that the users can also get their hands on the free edition of the TurboTax software, which includes both state and federal filings. You must look at the pointers below to gain more insight about the pricing.

1. Free Edition

TurboTax offers free tax filing for federal and state returns. Moreover, the free filing comprises the W-2 income, dividend income, earned income credit, Child Tax credit, student loan interest deduction, and standard deduction.

2. Do It Yourself

To get your hands on the Deluxe edition, the taxpayers must file $59 for the federal and $59 for the state. Within the subscription, it covers only the itemized deductions.

On the other side for the Premium edition, $209 for federal and $64 for state. This subscription plan includes everything from plus on-demand help from a tax pro through video and the final preview of the self-prepared return.

For the Self-Employed edition, you must pay $219 for federal and $64 for state filing. It includes everything plus on-demand help through Tax Pro via video and the final review of your self-prepared return.

The Basic edition charges $0 from 3/31/24 for the Federal and State filings. It also contains the plus-demand help through Tax Pro via video with a final review of the self-prepared return.

3. Full Service

Taxpayers must pay $119 for federal taxes, which includes filing the W-2 and 1040 forms. However, the TurboTax price 2024 of the subscription plan may differ according to the tax situation and forms that are attached to your tax return. On the other hand, users must pay $64 for state tax filings.

You can consult with our TurboTax Expert Assistance to gather more details regarding the TurboTax Cost 2024. Once you get in touch with them, they will give you a clear insight into the pricing so you can decide which subscription plan best suits your budget and requirements.

To Summarize The Above!!

Through this comprehensive post, we hope that you have got a clear picture in your mind regarding how much is TurboTax 2024. However, you can consult with our TurboTax Live experts at GoTaxation if you require further assistance. They will offer you the best possible assistance within the shortest possible time.


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