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Simple Procedures to Eliminate QuickBooks Error H505 Seamlessly

Feb 24, 2023
QuickBooks multi-user mode

Users often face several issues while accessing the company in multi-user mode. QuickBooks Error H505 is one such error that users might get while attempting to access the data file in a multi-user environment. Wondering why it happened? It might take place due to inappropriate DNS settings on your computer. 

However, numerous other reasons are responsible for this error. We have covered all such factors leading to QuickBooks Error Code H505 and the solutions to fix them. So, read this entire post attentively to gain in-depth information to rectify the error in minimal time.  

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What are the Root Causes That Might Trigger QuickBooks Error Code H505?

The users might discover QuickBooks Desktop Error H505 while attempting to access the data file stored on another computer. In addition, plenty of other causes could trigger this error, which is stated below. 

1. Damage or corrupted Network Data File (.ND) that QuickBooks operates to generate a connection with other computers in the network.
2. Not using the most recently released version of QuickBooks Desktop. 
3. Windows Firewalls or third-party security applications interrupt the connection with computers in the network. 
4. Misconfigured QuickBooks file hosting configuration is also one reason for this error. 

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Signs and Symptoms of Error H505 in QuickBooks 

To determine whether the QuickBooks Multi-User Error H505 has infected your device, look for the following signs and symptoms. 
1. On the occurrence of QuickBooks Error H505, an active program window begins to crash or freeze.
2. You will see the error message on your computer screen.
3. The users might face problems while accessing the data file stored on the server.
4. Also, it may occur when you can’t access the company file in multi-user mode.
5. When you try to access the data file or report in QuickBooks, it crashes unexpectedly. 

Essential Tips Before Applying The Resolution Methods

Here, we have described some key facts you must remember before proceeding to the troubleshooting part. 

1. Make sure that you have installed the QuickBooks application on the server. Otherwise, you won’t be able to utilize the multi-user mode. 
2. Examine that you have installed QuickBooks software appropriately on your device.
3. Log-in to the host server with the system administrator credentials to operate the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
4. Always keep a backup of your QuickBooks company file. 

Rectification Methods For QuickBooks Multi-User Error H505

In this part, we are going to discuss different resolution methods using which you can easily resolve QuickBooks Error H505. Follow the instructions in the same way as stated below attentively. 

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First Process:- Execute Accurate Hosting on Computers 

By properly handling the hosting settings, you can easily overcome the technical issues in the multi-user mode. Follow the below-given steps to ensure the proper hosting on your device. 

1. In the beginning, launch QuickBooks Desktop on your workstations.
2. Afterwards, go to the File menu and opt for the Stop Hosting Multi-User Configuration beneath the Utility option.
3. Next, on the server that holds your company file, launch QuickBooks and tap on the Host Multi-User Configuration.
4. Finally, relaunch the server and the workstation and try accessing your company file again. 

Second process: Rectify the Settings of Windows Firewall 

Sometimes, Windows Firewall might interrupt the users from accessing the data file in multi-user mode. So, to fix the issue, you must repair the Firewall Settings by implementing the instructions below. 

1. Start the procedure by opening the Run command window on your device using the shortcut keys Windows + R.
2. After this, input ‘Control Panel” within the search area. Further, hit the Enter key to launch the Control Panel window.
3. Look for the Windows Firewall and tap the Allow an app through the Windows Firewall option.
4. Following this, hit the Change Settings option.
5. Ensure you have selected the checkbox below the Public List for QuickBooks application. 
6. Select the Allow another app option if you cannot get QuickBooks from the search results. Later on, look for the QuickBooks option. 
7. Now, tap on the OK button and then hit the Public option for the application.
8. Finally, click OK and try to launch the data file again on your workstation. 

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Third Process: Establish a Fresh Company File Folder

Making changes to the company file’s location might help you resolve QuickBooks Error H505. 

1. You must look for the company file folder hosting the data file on your device.
2. Generate a new folder on your desktop and transfer the data file.
3. Now, right-click on the folder and opt for the Properties option.
4. Navigate to the Advanced Sharing option beneath the Share tab and then proceed.
5. Select the Share this folder checkbox and hover your cursor over the Permissions option. 
6. Next, check that the checkbox of Full Control is marked for Everyone Group and hit Apply > OK option.
7. Finally, tap on Apply once again and try to launch the data file again on your workstation. 

Summing It Up!!

Through this comprehensive post, we have provided a clear insight into QuickBooks Error H505. Also, we hope you may find this post helpful in dealing with your query. However, if you have any further queries regarding this error, you can talk to our professionals through live chat for quick assistance. Alternatively, you may send a message to our professionals regarding your query and obtain step-by-step instructions to overcome the issue. 

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