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How to Resolve QuickBooks Online Error 6250? 

Mar 24, 2023
QuickBooks Online Error 6250

QuickBooks Online error 6250 belongs to the error code 62XX and can take place when using the online version of the program. When the error occurs, it gives an error message with the text – “The customer you have specified has been deleted.” The error message indicates that the customer you have specified doesn’t exist.

There are multiple possible factors that can give rise to this error. For error-free accounting with QuickBooks Online, you need to resolve the error code 6250. It also requires you to list the possible reasons behind the error. Worry not, as we have listed the common factors that can give rise to the error along with their troubleshooting solutions.

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Factors That Can Promote Error 6250 in QuickBooks Online

Some of the main reasons behind the arrival of QuickBooks Online error 6250 are stated in the below-given list:

  • You can make transactions with an active customer. If the customer is inactive, you can get an error message on your screen.
  • Make sure that the time and date settings on your machine are correct, or you will have to deal with an annoying QuickBooks Online error.
  • An unaccomplished accounting task was caused due to abrupt system shutdown.
  • Erroneous SSL settings can also bring forth the error code 6250 in QuickBooks Online.

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Symptoms of Error 6250 in QBO

An error in QuickBooks can be determined by the symptoms that it shows on its arrival. You can determine the error code 6250 by the below-listed symptoms:

  • QuickBooks error message 6250 will show up.
  • A warning message indicates that the intended customer for a transaction is inactive.
  • You may not be able to proceed with an ongoing task due to the error.
  • An abrupt system shutdown can also be experienced.

Troubleshooting Solutions For Error Code 6250 in QuickBooks Online 

If you are wondering how to resolve the QuickBooks Online error 6250, the below-given solutions can help: 

Solution 1: Make Sure That The Customer Is Not Inactive 

As we have discussed that an inactive customer is one of the most apparent reasons behind the error. Make sure that the customer is active. If not, you will need to activate the customer by implementing the below-given steps: 

  • When on your internet browser, go to the QuickBooks Online login page and enter accurate credentials to log into your account. 
  • Once logged in, click on the Sales option. 
  • Now you need to select the Customers option to move ahead. 
  • When the customer’s list shows up, choose the include inactive customers option. 
  • Here, click opt for the customer of your choice to select the customer you want to activate. 
  • In the end, you will notice that the customer has been deleted. Just click the Make active option to accomplish the task. 

Check the status of the QuickBooks Error 6250. If , move to the next procedure. 

Solution 2: Rectify The Date & Time On Your Machine 

Incorrect date and time settings on your system can also give rise to the error. Rectifying this setting can keep the QuickBooks Online error 6250 at bay: 

  • On the bottom right corner of your screen, you can locate the date and time option.
  • If the date and time are not correct, right-click on it, and when you see the Adjust Date and Time option, click on it.
  • Here, you can make the required changes and choose the correct Time zone to move ahead. 
  • Once done, click Apply and then OK to finish. 

After correcting this setting, open your Internet Browser and make sure that it is updated with the latest release. If not, you can update it manually and check if the error 6250 in QuickBooks Online is resolved or not. If you still get the error message, try the next solution. 

Solution 3: Configure Your SSL Settings Correctly 

Sometimes, it can be a faulty SSL setting that can promote error 6250 in QuickBooks. In such a case, you need to correct it by implementing the below-given steps: 

  • First of all, navigate to the Internet options on your browser.
  • After that, go to the Advanced connection settings option to proceed further.
  • Next, move to the Advanced option, wherein you need to choose Security.
  • Here, you need to ensure that the checkboxes for Use SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are marked. 
  • After confirming, you can click Apply and then the OK tab to finish this task.

Ending Words!

The solution explains some crucial aspects of QuickBooks Online error 6250, such as its possible causes, symptoms, and troubleshooting. Implementing the provided solutions can guide your way to the error resolution. However, if you find it difficult to resolve the error, you can connect to our team of experienced professionals, and they will guide you with one-on-one troubleshooting assistance.

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