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Payroll Update Giving QuickBooks Error 15212? Resolve

Feb 21, 2023
QuickBooks Error 15212

QuickBooks error 15212 typically occurs when you try to download the updates for QuickBooks Desktop or payroll service. When updating the program, you may encounter a warning message indicating the failure of the update process.

The payroll update did not complete successfully. Please try again. You must successfully download the update by the deadline displayed in the Get Updates window.

This error message prevents users from downloading the latest maintenance releases for the program. However, to ensure the completion of the update process, you need to list its possible causes and implement their suitable solutions. Let’s start! 

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A Detailed Description On QuickBooks Error 15212

Updating the QuickBooks program or payroll service is essential. However, there are several factors that can cause error 15212 in QuickBooks. A partial or improper installation of the updates prevents users from accessing the improved features of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service.

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Your Windows Firewall preventing the program from accessing the update using an Internet connection is one of the main reasons behind this error. In such a case, downloading updates in Safe can help you resolve QuickBooks error 15212.

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 15212 To Show Up On Your Screen? 

There are multiple reasons that can promote error 15212 when updating the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service. Highlighting them is the first step toward error resolution.

  • A subscription to the QuickBooks Payroll service is not active.
  • Restrictive settings of your personal Firewall or your Internet security application, preventing QuickBooks from downloading updates.
  • When different instances of the QuickBooks applications are installed on your system. Running them simultaneously can bring forth the error code 15212 in QuickBooks. 

In these instances, the update does not work as intended. Therefore, you need to suppress these factors to eliminate the persisting issue. 

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Update Error 15212

Some of the main indications of the QuickBooks error 15212 are:

  • When downloading the latest updates, you will see an error message on your screen with code 15212.
  • You may not be able to perform the activities that require an Internet connection.
  • Internet error when accessing Intuit’s official website.
  • You may not be able to save the changes to your QuickBooks data as the modifications are not saved.

Best Fixes For QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15212 

After understanding the error code 15212, we can move ahead toward the error resolution by implementing suitable solutions. Some of the best solutions are described below:

Solution 1: Download The Available Update Manually

If you are having trouble installing the updates, you may download them by implementing the following steps:

  • Go to the Help tab and click the Update QuickBooks option thereafter. 
  • Next, press the Options tab, and when you see the Shared Download option, press No. 
  • After that, click the Save button and then click the Close option. 
  • You now need to download the update once again, and if the error continues, download the updates in Safe mode and uninstall and reinstall the software.
  • If it doesn’t fix the issue, perform the next solution. 

Solution 2: Perform QuickBooks Installation in Selective Startup Mode

An improper installation of the QuickBooks application can give rise to the update error 15212 in QuickBooks. In such a case, you need to install QuickBooks in selective startup mode for the error resolution. Below is how you can get it done: 

  • Create a backup of your QuickBooks company file in the first place before you move ahead. 
  • Now, note down the QuickBooks License and Products details and keep them handy with you. 
  • After that, open the Run screen (Windows + R) to move ahead. 
  • When in the Run box, type “msconfig” and hit the OK button. 
  • From within the General tab, choose Selective Startup and Load System Services. 
  • Next, you need to choose to Hide All Microsoft Services from the particular Services tab.
  • Thereafter, select Disable all. 
  • Mark the checkbox for hiding all Microsoft services and make sure that the checkbox for Windows Installer is not ticked.
  • Once confirmed, click the OK button. 
  • Now restart your system and Uninstall QuickBooks using Clean Install Tool. 
  • Install QuickBooks again under the required settings. 
  • Click the Run screen and type “msconfig” into the run box, and hit the OK button. 
  • From within the General tab, choose Normal Startup. 
  • Hit the OK button and restart your system. 

After finishing this procedure, check if the QuickBooks error 15212 is resolved or not. If negative, try the next solution. 

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Solution 3: Download QuickBooks Update In Safe Mode

Downloading QuickBooks updates in safe mode can prevent this process from interferences caused due to other applications. Close your company file and follow the steps to download updates on Windows 10: 

  • Start the process by pressing the Windows Button.
  • Now press the Shift key and then the Power icon.
  • Next, choose restart and click it.
  • When you see a blue window on your screen, select Troubleshoot. 
  • Moving ahead, click on the Advanced options.
  • After you select the Startup settings, start again. Wait for the system to turn off and turn on before you move ahead.
  • Thereafter, select Enable Safe Mode option with networking.
  • Hit the power icon on the sign-in page.
  • Proceeding further, click on a particular QuickBooks icon and then choose to Run as Administrator.
  • Press the Help menu next, and click on update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Hit on the Options Tab, choose Mark All, and then hit a click.
  • Now move down to the Update now option and tick Reset Update Checkbox.
  • Once done, select Get updates and close the QuickBooks application.
  • Finally, restart the system to finish the procedure and check the error status.

Last Words! 

Hope you find this post helpful in the error resolution. In case you have further queries, connect with our further queries, connect with our experienced professionals to get them answered.

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