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How to Rectify QuickBooks Error 12045?

May 03, 2023

QuickBooks Error 12045 emerges when you try to update the QuickBooks application to the latest available version or update. The error usually appears because of the discrepancy in the date or time settings and Internet settings. To eradicate this issue, you first need to understand why this error occurs and then how to identify that there is the emergence of such an error. After all this, several troubleshooting methods came up. It is better to go in the flow without skipping any aspect to make things clear or vivid in the mind.

Scroll down till the end of the write-up to get introduced to every aspect of this error of QuickBooks. So, pay attention to each detail in this article without leaving any point.

Factors that trigger Update error 12045 of QuickBooks

This error of QuickBooks does emerge normally; hence it is understood that there isn’t a single reason for its presence. Therefore, to know about every reason that can give birth to error code 12045, you have to read all the listed points:

  •  When there occurs any damage or harm to the file of hosting configuration.
  • Due to the turning off of the Window User Account Control (UAC).
  • In case of several server connection problems.
  • Presence of an updated company file that is damaged.
  • Inaccurate and improper setting of the date and time and Internet as well.
  • Any unforeseen snag with the settings of Firewall.
  • While taking the usage of the outdated version of QuickBooks software.
  • In many instances, it pops up due to Antivirus software’s existence, which creates hurdles for QuickBooks to access the Internet.
  • Inaccuracy in the permission of the folder for storing the QuickBooks Installation directory.
  • Sometimes, when you have multiple versions of the QuickBooks program.

Indication of update error of QuickBooks

Some users might don’t know what happened when this 12045 error of QuickBooks appears, so a list of all possible scenarios is here.

  • You can witness a statement of the error, i.e., Error 12045; failed to download the update.
  • Whatever you are doing in your QuickBooks software will get stopped by a warning message appearing.
  • Anyone can’t update their QuickBooks application when this error comes up.
  • Restriction in getting access to the enhanced features of QuickBooks.

Procedures to eliminate QuickBooks Update error 12045

Now, it is true that you get fully aware of the error and its causes that are mainly responsible for that. It feels like the incomplete stage of knowing until you know about the troubleshooting process of this error 12045 because by applying these steps only, you can get rid of this error.

First Procedure: Ensure that the date and time of the system are right and fixed correctly

It is crucial and general to ensure that the date and time of the system are fixed correctly in the system. It is the prime reason many unknown issues arise in the system and errors in many applications. To make sure of this, refer to the steps:

  • To begin the procedure, visit the taskbar and right-click on the date and time option. This option is located at the bottom right-side.
  • After this, click on the option to adjust the date and time of the system.
  • Once you click on it, inspect whether the date is correct. If there is some flaw, fix it quickly.
  • Choose the Apply button, and after setting everything, hit on the “OK” tab.
  • Subsequently, close all the windows you opened for changing the date and time and open the window of QuickBooks Desktop by clicking on the icon.
  • To proceed further, click on the help option and then under it on the “Update QuickBooks Desktop” option.
  • When finished with the update, examine whether the issue gets resolved.

Second Procedure: Set the updates of QuickBooks again

If by applying the above-given method, you are still facing QuickBooks Update Error 12045; this is the apt time to check for the QuickBooks Updates.

  • Click on the icon of the QuickBooks Desktop to open it for the implementation of this procedure.
  • Next to this step, reach the assistance and click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  •  Following this, you have to make the selection of Update Now.
  • After this, a drop-down list will come before you; choose the Reset Update option and then Get Updates.
  • The updating process will take some time, and you need to sit and relax until the process gets done without any disturbance.

Check your QuickBooks now; if the same error persists, don’t waste any time and jump on the step to rectify.

Third Procedure: Run an inspection for the settings of the Internet

Improper Internet settings sometimes become the reason behind the emergence of this stated error of QuickBooks. Thus, it becomes significant for users to check their internet settings. If you don’t know how to proceed, just walk by the guidance of the given steps.

  • Go to your Internet browser, open it, and reach your bank’s website.
  • In case of being unable to access that website, there arises an urgent need to reach the Internet service provider.
  • In contrast, if you can access your bank’s website, the below-listed steps are for you.
  • First, open the QuickBooks Desktop application and then visit the Help menu to select the option Internet connection setup.
  • “My Computer’s Internet computer connection” is the next option you need to click to build a relationship when the program tries to gain access to the Internet.
  • Tap on the “Perform” button right next to the above option.
  • After all, this, take your cursor with the help of the mouse to click on Advanced connection settings.
  • Now, you have to choose the restore advanced settings option after the previous one so that process will proceed.
  • In the end, click on Apply, OK, and at last, Done to conclude the process entirely.

12045 error of QuickBooks still appearing on the screen, the last troubleshooting method is the only alternative that is left behind for all of the users.

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Fourth Procedure: Inspect to verify that there are no multiple instances of QuickBooks existed

In case of encountering the error till now, even after execution of this error given above, perform this last step. According to this method of rectifying the error, check that you don’t have several instances of QuickBooks in your system. If you have two software of QuickBooks in one system, it’ll clash, and an error will certainly come up in the middle of the update. To deal with this type of scenario, you need to cancel the installation of one of the QuickBooks instances that are existed on your system.
In Essence..!
We try our best to provide you with all the information related to Error 12045 of QuickBooks and its troubleshooting methods. Hoping that by applying these rectifying methods, you’ll eliminate this error. But if you need a faster solution or facing any uneasiness in implementing the given troubleshooting procedures, feel free to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number. Two ways are open for you to connect, i.e., by calling on +1-844-508-2335 or sending a mail to Every expert on our team will cooperate with you and try to offer you the assistance you expect.

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