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QuickBooks error code 19062 00238: Rectify Quickly & Easily

Jun 07, 2023
QuickBooks error code 19062 00238

Encountering with QuickBooks error is not a new thing for its users. Most of them faces a multitude of technical and non technical errors while working on the application. No doubt, QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software widely used by SMEs to streamline their financial tasks. However, there are a handful of errors that keeps bothering the users. These different errors keep impending the users while performing their Daily accounting operations on the system. One such technical error is QuickBooks error code 19062 00238, commonly categorized as an unrecoverable error.

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If you are too facing an unrecoverable error while working on the application, then there is no need to worry. Sail through this piece of content, and know the various causes and symptoms of the error along with the tried and tested troubleshooting methods. However, before knowing the error resolving methods, let us have a brief overview of the error. By the end of this blog, we are sure that you will be able to fix your unrecoverable error issues.

What is QuickBooks error code 19062 00238?

The QB error code 19062 00238 simply means that the application is facing an unrecoverable error. When the error occurs, it does not allow the user to open the QB file and prevents you from creating journal entries in the application. The error simply indicates that the application has faced some critical application faults. When the error occurs, an error window will appear on the screen having the error code and the message description. The error code is a unique 10-digit long numeric code having the “5-digit space- 5-digit pattern”.

An error window having the following error message “QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error: The Application has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. Please help the team to eliminate the issue.” will appear on the screen.

Major Signs That Indicate the Occurrence of Unrecoverable error 19062 00238

Now you have a brief glimpse of the unrecoverable error, let us know about the symptoms of the error. Though the main indication of the error is that you are unable to make the entries in the journal, however, the other signs which help in identifying the occurrence of the error are:

  • Unable to access or print the bank transactions in the application.
  • The application freezes frequently.
  • The company file will not be opened.
  • The users face difficulty in saving the transaction.
  • An error window with the unique code appears on the screen.
  • You are facing the abrupt crashing of the application.
  • You do not receive any updates in the application.

What are the Factors that Triggers the QB Unrecoverable Error 19062 00238?

There are various factors that contribute to evoking the unrecoverable error in the system. Knowing the exact cause behind the occurrence of the error is important, as it helps in choosing the right troubleshooting method. We have jotted down the prominent reasons that cause the error in the application. The reasons are:

  • The QuickBooks file might be damaged or corrupted.
  • You are using an older version of the application.
  • The ancillary network or the unstable internet connection might result in an error.
  • There are some issues related to the Window related files.
  • The Window is not updated.
  • The power failure forces the system to close, which results in the occurrence of the error.
  • There is an issue related to data integrity.
  • The damaged components of the QuickBooks.

Situations When the QuickBooks Premier Accountant issue 19062 00238 Issue Arises

There are certain situations or circumstances when the error code 19062 00238 in QuickBooks arises. The list of the instances is as follows:

  • When you are trying to open the QuickBooks Desktop file on a workstation.
  • When you are trying to run the rebuild utility or chaining target.
  • During the bank reconciliation, you may witness the issue.
  • When you are trying to open a screen for a new experience.
  • When the data damage happens.
  • When generating the checks, the user may face an issue during the billing.
  • The user is trying to save a specific transaction on the record.
  • When you are trying to import, the accountant changes.
  • During the process of generating the backup file.
  • If you are trying to open and close a screen in the company file.
  • Trying to email as PDF or simple email in QuickBooks Desktop.

Reliable Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks unrecoverable error code 19062 00238

Follow the below-cited troubleshooting methods to resolve the error. You can pick the most suitable solution based on the cause of the error.

Solution 1: Update the Application to the Latest Release

If you are using the older version of the application, then you need to update it to the latest release to remove the error. All the necessary steps are listed down below:

  • Close all the company files and the QuickBooks application.
  • Double-click on the desktop icon of the application and press the F2 key to open the Window displaying the product information.
  • Note down the current version of the application and close down the application or the other programs running in the background.
  • Again right, click on the QuickBooks desktop icon and pick the run as an administrator option from the drop-down menu.
  • The QuickBooks window will appear.
  • Now, choose the update QuickBooks Now option by going to the help menu.
  • Choose the update now and get the latest update.
  • The latest updates will be automatically downloaded to the system.
  • Let the process finishes. Restart the system after the latest updates get installed.

Solution 2: Fix the error by using the Quick Fix My Program

To use the Quick Fix My Program tool, you need to download and install the QuickBooks tool hub first in your system. To use the tool, follow the below-mentioned traits:

  • Open the QuickBooks tool hub tool and pick the Programs issue tab.
  • In the Programs issue tab, pick the Quick Fix My Program option and click on it.
  • The tool will automatically search for the issues and fixes them.
  • This may take time. So, be patient and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once finished, restart the application to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Resolve the error with the help of the Install Diagnostic Tool

You can fix the issue with the help of the install diagnostic tool also. It is another feature of the QuickBooks tool hub. To use this utility, you need to first download and install the QuickBooks tool hub. The steps to use the tool are as mentioned below:

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and to the Installation Issues tab.
  • In the installation issue tab, pick the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool option and click on it.
  • It will automatically diagnose and fixes the installation issues in the application.
  • The process may take time. Please be patient. Restart the application once the issues are fixed.

Solution 4: Restore the Local backup

To resolve the issue, you need to restore the local backup of the company files. The steps involved in restoring the local backup are as follows:

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop and go to the file menu option.
  • In the file menu, pick the open or restore company option.
  • Choose the files having the .qbd extension to restore a backup copy, and then tap the next button.
  • After that, pick the local backup and press the next button. A restore window will appear.
  • If you are unable to find the local backup, browse to the backup location.
  • Choose the backup file and click on the “open” option.
  • Press the next button and browse to the location where you want to save the local backup.
  • Once the process finishes, open the application to see whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Run the Verify Rebuild Utility

You can resolve the unrecoverable error code 19062 00238 issues by using the verify and rebuild data utility feature of the application. The damaged or corrupted data creates the problem. If you want to authenticate the data, you need to first verify the data by using the verify data utility and then rebuild the data with the help of the rebuild utility tool. The steps to use this tool are already explained in another blog.

Solution 6: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop

There might be a possibility that the QuickBooks files got corrupted, which raises the problem. To resolve the issue, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the control panel and then move to the Programs and Features option.
  • From the list of programs, select the QuickBooks folder.
  • Right-click on the folder and pick the uninstall/install option and tap on the repair button.
  • Once the process finishes, restart the application.
Final Take Away

Overall it may be said that QuickBooks is an inevitable application having the latest accounting features. However, this application is prone to errors that can be easily resolved with the help of simple troubleshooting methods. We have explained the tried and tested methods to resolve QuickBooks error code 19062 00238. If you are still stuck, do not waste your time. Call our QuickBooks Enterprise Support experts today and get immediate help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks are 20086 55922, 19469 33976, 18632 81454, 17516, 07761 52687, and many more.

In case you receive an unrecoverable error, try to resolve the error with the help of the above-mentioned methods. However, if you are still facing the error, do not hesitate to call our experts and seek their expert opinion.

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