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How to Fix Quicken Error CC-898?

Aug 02, 2023
Quicken error CC-898

Quicken error CC-898 is an error in the program that can take place when trying to connect with the bank to get transaction information. This error occurs when the bank blocks Quicken from connecting to the bank server. There are several reasons that can block the program from syncing with the bank server. Therefore, you need to list the common reasons behind the error and fix them to get rid of the error CC-898 in Quicken. Navigate through this post until the end to find the best solutions on Quicken error code CC-898.

Possible Reasons Behind Error Code CC-898 in Quicken

If Quicken is unable to connect to the bank, any of the following reasons can be responsible for the error code CC-898:

  • The server is temporarily unavailable.
  • You might be using an outdated version of the Quicken application.
  • Connectivity problem between Quicken and the bank server.
  • Other issues with the program can also evoke the error code CC-898 in the program.

Things To Consider Before Troubleshooting Quicken Program Error Code CC-898

Now that you know the possible reasons behind the error code CC-898, you need to handle these reasons to get rid of the bank problem in Quicken. Before you proceed any further, you need to keep the following considerations in your mind:

1: Backup Your Quicken Data 

In the first place, you need to create a backup of the Quicken data file in order to prevent it from loss or disruption during the error resolution. To create a backup:

  • Start the Quicken application in the first place.
  • Thereafter, go to Backup and Restore and then click Back up Quicken File.
  • Finally, click Back up Now to finish.

2: Prevent The Automatic Transaction Entry in The Register

If you want to avoid duplicate transaction entries into the register, make sure that automatic entry is disabled. To confirm:

  • First of all, open Quicken.
  • Next, go to the Edit option and select Preferences.
  • Moving ahead, select Download Transactions.
  • Unmark the checkbox for Automatically, add to banking register.
  • In the end, click the OK button to conclude.

Solution To Troubleshoot Quicken Error CC-898

After considering all the crucial points, let us move ahead and perform the troubleshooting procedures:

Method 1: Update Quicken To The Latest Version Available

To download the latest release of the program, follow the below stated steps:

  • First things first, open the Quicken program.
  • After that, go to the Help menu and select the Check for updates option.
  • If an update is available, click Yes to launch it and follow the on-screen instructions carefully to install the update.

Method 2: Refresh Your Online Account Information 

If you are getting an error with the latest version of the Quicken program, check if the below-given steps can help:

  • Click on the Account from the left side pane.
  • After opening the account register, click on the top-right gear icon, and it will open a drop-down list.
  • Next, click Update Now.
  • Enter the accurate bank or vault password when you are prompted to do so in the next step.
  • In the end, click Update Now.

If none of these two solutions help in the error resolution, move to the next solution.

Method 3: If The Error CC-898 Occurs When Adding The Account

The Quicken error code CC-898 can come into being while adding a bank account in Quicken. It is possible that your bank is facing some temporary issue that can take 24-48 hours to be resolved. In such a case, you can’t do anything but wait until things get fine from the bank’s end. If the error still occurs, move to the next solution.

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Method 4: Deactivate & Reactivate Your Account 

If the Quicken error CC-898 is still irritating, you need to deactivate your Quicken account and then reactivate it for the error resolution. Below are the steps:

Steps To Deactivate Quicken Account

  • First things first, go to Tools and then select Account List. You may alternatively press the Ctrl+A keys together for the same.
  • Next, click Edit to an account that is getting the error.
  • Moving ahead, select the Online Services tab.
  • Once done, hit Deactivate button.
  • Thereafter, click Yes to confirm your selection.
  • Finally, click OK and then Done.

Steps To Reactivate Quicken Account

  • Go to Tools and then Add Account.
  • Here, you need to select the account type, such as Checking, Savings, etc.
  • After that, click Advanced Setup in the bottom left corner.
  • Moving ahead, type the name of your FI/Bank and click Next.
  • Now select a suitable connection method and hit Next.
  • Enter your bank’s login credentials carefully and click Connect.
  • It will make Quicken look up your accounts at a bank.
  • When the list of the accounts appears, reactivate your account(s).
  • In place of adding the account again, LINK it with an existing account in Quicken.
  • Now click Next and Finish to conclude the procedure.

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Method 5: If The Error Occurs When Updating The Account

If you are getting this error when updating the account, it is better to reach out to genuine help and get assistance with proper troubleshooting.

To Sum It Up!

Now that you know the proper troubleshooting solutions perform them to get rid of the Quicken error CC-898. If you are having any difficulties in the error resolution, get in touch with our professionals, and they will guide you with relevant procedures. In the end, check if the error is resolved or not.

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