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How to fix Quicken Error CC-501

Nov 29, 2022
quicken error cc 501

Generally, the users might have stumbled upon Quicken Error CC-501 while trying to update their bank account with the Quicken online services. In other instances, it may occur while downloading new transactions into Quicken software from your bank. 

On the occurrence of the error, the following alert message will be displayed on your screen indicating:

Quicken Error message cc-501

As a result, this error might obstruct the users from downloading the latest bank transactions in Quicken. Thus, it hampers bank-related tasks and stops ongoing work. Therefore, it is essential to resolve the issue asap using the resolution methods discussed in this post. 

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Causes that Contribute to Quicken Error CC-501 

The users might come across Quicken CC 501 while trying to update their bank account in Quicken. Apart from this, multiple other factors might bring forth this error, and let’s explore them.

  • Sometimes, it may occur due to issues on your bank’s end. 
  • The version of Quicken you are presently using isn’t in use any more.
  • One of the reasons behind Quicken Error CC-501 is a corrupt or impartial download of the Quicken software. 
  • You may have added the incorrect bank login details while connecting to the bank account in Quicken.
  • The malware or viruses in your system might cause damage to your company file.

Key Points to Remember Before Resolving Quicken Error Message CC-501

There are certain points that you must keep in your mind before resolving Quicken Error CC 501. Therefore, we have specified some of the points below to inform you regarding them. Read the points carefully. 

1. Generate a Backup of the Quicken Data:-

Before proceeding Further, it is essential to establish the Backup of your Quicken file. Doing so will help keep your company data safe even if your original file gets damaged. And thus, you can restore this file to your preferred location. Apply the steps listed below to generate the Backup of the Quicken data properly.

  • In the beginning, open the Quicken application and then move to the Backup menu.
  • You are then required to select the Restore option and Backup Quicken file.
  • Finally, tap on the Backup Now option, and it will automatically generate the Backup of your Quicken file.

2. Don’t add the transactions into the register directly:-

Doing so will prevent you from generating duplicate copies of transactions within the accounts register. Perform the steps listed below to ensure that the transactions are not getting entered into the register directly. 

  • In the initial stage, open the Quicken software and select the Edit menu.
  • Following this, opt for the Preferences option. 
  • Furthermore, click on the drop-down menu to pick the Downloaded Transactions option. 
  • Now, you must verify that you have unmarked the Automatically add to the bank register checkbox.
  • Finally, tap on Ok to save the mandatory changes made in Quicken software.

Simple Tips to Overcome Quicken Error CC-501 Permanently 

Do you need help to get the proper solutions to resolve Quicken Error CC 510 instantly? If that’s the scenario, then don’t panic. Go through the below-listed solutions and apply them as per the cause of the error. Ensure that you apply the steps in the way listed below to avoid further discrepancies. 

Case 1: While Downloading New Transactions

For instance, if you are receiving Quicken Error CC-501 while updating the bank transaction or getting the new bank transactions with Citibank, the first financial bank. In that case, the users might come across Quicken Error CC-501 for multiple reasons. Therefore, we have listed some simple resolution methods below to eliminate the error. 

Solution 1: Update the account in which you are getting Quicken Error CC-501 

  • In the initial phase, open Quicken and then move to All Accounts that have encountered the error.
  • Then, you have to refresh your Bank Account Settings and pick the Account Name that has caused the error. 
  • Furthermore, tap on the Gear icon, which is represented as an icon with a downward arrow. 
  • After this, click on Update or press the Ctrl + Alt + U keys to refresh the accounts settings successfully. 
  • You are supposed to add the Quicken credentials when prompted. 
  • As a result, it will open a new window with a function of one-step update settings. From there, you have to choose the Update Now option. 
  • Now, it will ask you to modify your Quicken credentials. Once completed, hit the OK button.
  • Subsequently, go through the instructions on the screen, and your account will update. 
  • Finally, you have to apply the same procedure on all the accounts incurring this issue.

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Solution 2: Disconnect and Reconnect the Account Causing the Error 

Users might sometimes overcome Quicken Error CC-501 by deactivating and reactivating the bank account. For that, you have to apply the steps as listed below attentively.

Disconnect the Account
  • Initially, open the Quicken application and move to the Tools menu. From there, head towards the Accounts Lists option and then move ahead.
  • Following this, Edit the account that is creating the issue from the list of available accounts.
  • Move to the Online Services tab and then opt for the Deactivate option.
  • Now, in the Conformation window, tap on the Yes option to give consent to your action.
  • After deactivating the account, select the Set Up Now option.
  • Ultimately, click on the OK option and then hit Done.
Reconnect the Account 
  • In the first stage, move to the Tools option, followed by the Add Account option.
  • Then, you must pick the type of account, such as checking, Savings, etc. 
  • After this, choose Advanced Setup and then add the name of your bank account in the required text field. Move ahead by clicking on the Next button.
  • You are supposed to pick the appropriate connection method and then hit the Next button.
  • After this, add the bank login details and hit the option Connect.
  • Eventually, Quicken will begin looking for your bank account and represent all the accounts’ list. Further, you must tap on the Reactivate option beside the account you want to reconnect. 
  • In the end, tap on the Finish option to reconnect your bank account successfully.

Solution 3: Review Your Account Status 

  • The first and foremost step is to move to the Tools option and then Online Center.
  • After this, you will find the list of all the offending transactions mentioned below in the Transactions Lists.
  • Now, you must look for the listed transaction and remove it.
  • Next, update your account and then reconcile it once again. 
  • If you are not receiving the same error any more, it reflects that all the errors in your account have been removed successfully.

Solution 4: Install the Quicken software again

By uninstalling and reinstalling the Quicken software will help in resolving the Quicken error CC-501. 

  • Initially, press the Windows + R keys at the same time and insert “appwiz.cpl” in the search column. 
  • As a result, it will open the Quicken entry, right-click on it and then opt for the Uninstall option. You must be sure that you have successfully removed all the temporary files. 
  • Following this, you must download and install the Quicken software on your device. 
  • In the end, add the account details and then look for the error status. 

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Case 2: While Setting Up or Updating Mobile Sync With Direct-Connect Activated 

Condition 1: Quicken Error 501 Due to Connection Time Out

Sometimes, your connection might take time out while trying to accomplish the setup of Mobile Sync. As a result, you won’t be able to wind up the connection. In that scenario, you are supposed to perform the steps listed below.

  • You may try contacting your bank account at different times of the day, avoiding peak traffic hours.
  • Also, you must ensure that you are not trying to connect or update other applications. Doing so might hamper your internet speed and thus leads to Quicken Error CC 501. 
  • Ensure that the firewall settings and your ISP don’t interrupt the “QW.exe” file from accessing the internet connection.
  • For instance, if you still receive the error on your first sync, try to add a single account at a time. 
    • Using Quicken Mobile Sync, you can only transfer the previous 365 days of data for any banking or credit card accounts. 
    • By “entering” the smallest amount, you can reduce the amount of data transferred on initial sync. Thus, it also creates the database and eliminates the chances of Time Out occurring again while connecting to the bank account in Quicken. Also, you may add the additional accounts after the initial sync by tapping on the Edit Accounts. 

Condition 2: Enrollment is Required By Your Financial Institution

There are a few banks that require enrollment so that they can easily determine which applications are compatible to connect with their servers.

  • Firstly, reach your bank website and verify whether it has a self-serve section. Using this section, you can access your accounts on their servers.
  • However, if you won’t get the self-serve solution and need help registering, you can reach out to Online Banking Support. 
  • On the other hand, if you don’t have any contact details regarding your bank, try the steps listed below.
    • Select the Tools option and tap on the Online Center to pick the bank name.
    • After this, you must hover your cursor over the Contact Info Link.


Here, we conclude this post and hope you can now easily connect your bank account with Quicken without getting Quicken Error CC-501. If you still find the same issue, you can consult with our Quicken Support number anytime via live chat. After this, our experts will do deep research and assist you in the best possible manner.

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