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Learn How to File Taxes with Last Pay Stub on TurboTax

Apr 24, 2023
file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax

The annual tax season is always a challenging one for the business professionals. Fortunately, some technologies like TurboTax have arrived and started saving professionals from such challenging tax-related operations. Well, recently, a lot of queries have been heard about whether it is possible to How to file taxes with the last pay stub on TurboTax. So yes, it’s possible. And if you’re searching for how to do it, continue reading this post carefully.

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Mandatory Information for Filing Taxes on TurboTax

Before you move to file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax, we suggest you consider the following points. The information below is essential to note for filing taxes on the TurboTax software.

  • You must get information related to the local income tax withheld, state income tax withheld, and federal income tax withheld.
  • TurboTax will need your details, including your official name, residential address, and social security number.
  • Your company’s name, address, and Zip code, plus TIN (Tax Identification Number).
  • Provide the exact and correct details of your salary or W-2 wages (gross pay, net pay)

Once you’re ready with this information, now continue filing the taxes with your last pay stubs on the TurboTax software.

Stepwise Method to File Taxes with Last Pay Stub on TurboTax

In the section below, we’ve explained an easy stepwise method to help you file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax. Carefully undertake the penned-down instructions:

  1. Begin this procedure by first visiting the official site TurboTax. Here, you can find three alternatives to opt for filing taxes on TurboTax, including,
    • Expert’s advice to fill out the IRS forms.
    • Let the experts only handle the complete tax filing process. For this, you can choose any one of the four TurboTax software service packages, including Deluxe, Premier, basic, and Self-employed.
    • Another option is DIY (Do it by Yourself). Just proceed with the TurboTax guidance and file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax.
  2. Now, one of the TurboTax tax experts will connect with you based on the service package you’ve chosen from the above ones.
  3. However, if you have opted for an expert to file your taxes, they will use your last pay stubs to provide personal, company, and tax-related details while filing tax returns.

Now, if you’re filing taxes with the last pay stub on your TurboTax software by yourself, continue following the instructions below accordingly.

  •  You must file Internal Revenue Service Form 4852 online. For this, first access Form 4852 by navigating to the official site of the Internal Revenue Service Form.
  • Now, in the bottom half of the form, you must enter information including your official name, social security number, residential address, employer’s identification number, and taxable wages.
  • All this data must be contained in your paycheck stub. These paycheck stubs with complete and correct information will further help you estimate paycheck taxes.
  • Make sure you fill these forms without any mistakes, inaccurate information, or errors.

What’s the Form 4852 All About? A Brief Explanation.

Form 4852 is basically an alternative that comes into play when one doesn’t have the W-2 forms to file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax. These 4852 forms are excellent for filing taxes with pay stubs. Often, a taxpayer may receive an incorrect W2 form or even don’t receive it; at such times, Form 4852 is an official choice by the IRS that helps the taxpayer while filing taxes with paystub. Well, this valid alternative or substitute helps business taxpayers continue to file taxes and refunds smoothly. Moreover, with the help of these forms, taxpayers easily file their taxes on time.

Completing Form 4852 when you file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax must be done carefully. So don’t worry! In the next section, we will teach you how to fill out these forms.

How to Fill Form 4852 While Filing Taxes with Pay Stubs?

Below, we have mentioned all the necessary conditions, considerations, and instructions to fill out Form 4852 while filing taxes with paycheck stubs. Pay attention, and continue performing accordingly:

  •  First, get all the mandatory information you need to complete Form 4852. It includes your personal information like social security number, official name, and full address.
  • You must be asked in the form about “Why form 4852?” Here, briefly explain the reason for selecting this 4852 form. For example, filing the taxes for the last year, receiving the wrong W-
  • form, or not receiving the W-2 form from the employer or financial institution.
  • Here, make sure that your reason for filing Form 4852 must be certified to submit this form to the IRS.
  • After this, in the end section of the form, you must enter the information, including name, tax ID number, employer address, and further details from your last paycheck stub.
  • Now, when you are filing the taxes with the last paycheck stub, input the mandatory details like Wages, compensation, tips, Social Security tax, Federal income tax, Local income tax, Medicare tax, and State income tax withheld.
  • Remember to certify all these details mentioned in the Form 4852.
  • Another point to keep in mind, and which is compulsory, is you must manually fill out form 4852 and mail it with other tax documents. It must not be filled out online.

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Explained all the Available TurboTax Service Packages!

As we’ve talked about above, taxpayers can select any of the TurboTax service packages to file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax. Below, we have listed these available packages. Learn about them in brief.

Assisted Basic Package

TurboTax Assisted Basic is a complete software service package with expert knowledge and help. So, if a taxpayer chooses to seek professional help while filing their taxes, they can opt for this package for filing taxes 100% free with expert assistance. In this, the Live Assisted Basic experts help taxpayers and ensure they file taxes accurately and get maximum refunds.

TurboTax Assisted Deluxe

If you’re looking for an upper hand to help you file taxes with maximum deductions and credits, opt for TurboTax Assisted Deluxe. You get unlimited expert assistance and professional advice by choosing this service package. Also, before you file the taxes, it will be the TurboTax expert’s responsibility to review tax forms and taxes finally. The Live Assisted Deluxe expert will make sure you’re moving ahead accurately while filing taxes.

Assisted Premium TurboTax

Tax filing season can be distressing. Right? But, when you decide to take an expert’s help by choosing the TurboTax Assisted Premium service package, then most of the tasks can be a breeze. With this package, you get unlimited professional advice and assistance to explore maximum tax deductions for your investment. Also, with this, you can uncover tax deductions on self-employed income as well.

Contact Our Experts for More..!

We understand filing taxes is quite challenging, and a single mistake may lead to costly losses. However, with the advent of TurboTax, filing taxes is quite exciting and easy. Still, we suggest you follow the instructions and information given above when you file taxes with last pay stubs on TurboTax. But, if you face any issues while filing taxes, want to know more about the available packages, or need further help, just contact us via Live Chat Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, W-2 forms are essential for filing the taxes. You can ask for these forms from your employer. However, you need to be careful about the dates. In case 1st February has passed, immediately contact your company’s leadership and ask when they will provide the W-2 forms. Make sure you have provided your updated and accurate address to the employer.

Filing taxes was never so easy before the invention of the excellent TurboTax software. The software helps taxpayers file taxes using the W-2 or Form 4852 without any hassle, error, or complexity. You can simply navigate to the TurboTax website and submit the taxes using your most recent or last paycheck stubs.

Yes, it may happen. Sometimes, the taxpayers may not receive the W-2 forms from the employer or may get the wrong W-2 form. But, as a valid alternative by the IRS, taxpayers can use Form 4852 instead of W-2 to file taxes with last pay stub on TurboTax. Just be a little careful and mindful while filling these forms with the necessary information.

Filing IRS forms is one of the most crucial tasks that must be done carefully. Make sure you do not enter any wrong information and be error-free in every step. If you choose to get pay stubs created electronically, the automatic tax calculator, which ensures error-free and accurate tax information, will help you. Thus, you can enter this automated tax information of your last paycheck stub while filling out the IRS form.

Don’t worry! Our TurboTax professional team is just a call away at +1-844-508-2335. Ring us or connect with our live experts via the Live Chat Support facility, which is accessible around the clock.

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