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How to Track Refund Status in TurboTax?

Oct 22, 2022
Track Refund in TurboTax

TurboTax is a tax preparation software that helps you with the filing of the tax returns by an electronic process, making it easier and smoother. It can prove beneficial for business firms and corporations and even at the basic individual level. But even though this software is very useful, but one of the glitches that it can encounter when the users are not able to track the refund status.

The job doesn’t end at the place where you just need to electronically file the income tax return, but you also need to check it and track your refund. For that, you need to keep reading this blog to attain thorough knowledge on this aspect. If after reading this blog, you come across any more queries, then you can talk to the technical professionals at TurboTax technical support number.

What are the Steps to Track the Refund Status?

For tracking the refund in TurboTax, you are required to know the IRS breakdown. It basically is comprised of three stages, Return Received, Return approved, and return sent. By clicking on these files, you can track the refund and the time it will take for processing. A refunding process may take 6 to 8 weeks from the time and date of the IRS receiving your tax.

  • One thing that needs to keep in mind regarding this scenario that this process takes time
  • Once you e file the taxes, you first need to check the refund status within 2 days. If you use the option of IRS, you can check the refund, by opting for the option of ‘Where is my refund’?
  • If you chose the option to mail the tax return, then that you need to wait for at least for weeks.
  • When you would have received the notice, you need to return it back within 48 hours after you e- file the return. With the help of the refund tool on IRS, you can check the process and track it once it starts. You will not get a refund date unless and until IRS has approved of your tax return.
  • Once the process has been done and the status has been checked, it will automatically change from Receive to Approve. This process might take a few days.
  • Now the tool known as ‘Where is my refund?’ will provide you with a specific date. It will also send you a message stating ‘refund sent’ that will help you to know that the IRS has sent the tax refund through FD to your bank.

If this blog has not helped you with understanding the process and you are not satisfied, then you can surely contact the TurboTax phone number and talk to the certified techies over here to discuss the issues and queries that you have.

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