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How to Recover Deleted TurboTax Files?

Oct 22, 2022
How to Recover and Restore Deleted TurboTax Files

TurboTax is an efficient tax filing and preparation software that produces accurate tax calculations which is ideal for home and office. The routine updates make sure that the software performs well and also adds many new features to it with every update.

Overall, it is a dependable and resourceful tool. When you use TurboTax every day you create and save many different files and sometimes these files could get deleted accidentally. And when that happens you can actually do something to get it back. Rest assured, your files aren’t lost forever because by applying some recovery steps, you will be able to recover and restore deleted TurboTax files in a jiff. So if you want to know how you can do that, you can either choose to read this blog or you can take the help of executives by contacting TurboTax customer care.

To recover deleted files isn’t that difficult in TurboTax. All you need to do is:

  • Click on the search button in the start menu to look for the lost files.
  • Now choose ‘all files’ and under this choose either ‘all folders’ or ‘all locations’.
  • Type the lost TurboTax file and hit the search button.
  • Go through the list that gets displayed on the screen and chooses the ones you are looking to recover.

To restore deleted TurboTax files, you would have to perform a list of steps. But don’t worry, it isn’t very complicated.

  • Start off by opening the remote data backup software on your computer.
  • And then select the ‘backup view’ and the ‘retrieve view’ which is located under the Remote Data Backup Program.
  • Now go to the Operation menu and select ‘find’. And on the space provided, type in the name of the file you are trying to restore.
  • After typing it in, click ‘find next’ and keep clicking this button until you find the particular file or files you are looking for.
  • Keep repeating this step until you find the file you are looking for.

By applying these steps, you will be able to recover and restore deleted files from TurboTax. However, if you still can’t find the find or if the files have been permanently deleted you can contact TurboTax technical support number. By calling the support number you will be able to retrieve the deleted files through remote help and assistance from professional technicians.

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