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How to Install TurboTax Without CD Drive (Answered 2024)

Oct 24, 2022
Install TurboTax Without CD Drive on Windows 10

There are different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS, or Android, which are responsible for running the software on particular devices. They can be considered as the heart and soul of a system and without them, the device would just be a non-workable dummy.

Every smart device, be it laptops, computers or smartphones have an inbuilt feature of operating systems them and they solely run on that. To download on install any software on the device, you need to have an operating system, otherwise, the software wouldn’t work. All the programs are not compatible with all the operating systems, and before one thinks of downloading and installing, one needs to be sure of the compatibility and the system requirements.

There are many software’s that are continuously being introduced in the market. One of them is TurboTax, which basically helps to manage all the tax-related documents of a company and also gives you the idea to file tax returns so as to gain maximum profits. In this blog, you will understand the procedure of installing TurboTax on the Windows operating system.

By downloading and installing this software you will be able to keep a record of your taxes and returns. There are basically two ways by which you can install this software, one is with a CD drive and the other includes without a CD drive. This blog will deal with the process of installation without a CD drive. In case you wish to gain knowledge about the other procedure, you can always have a look at their official website or can reach out to the technical associates at the TurboTax phone number.

Steps to Install TurboTax on Windows 10 without a CD drive

  • Close every program, tabs, and default browser from your system and return it back to the desktop screen.
  • Disable the anti-virus program for some time, so as to avoid any errors and troubles in installing the TurboTax. It can happen sometimes that the anti-virus software can create hindrance in the installation process.
  • Before installation, you need to download it by going to the official and trusted TurboTax website, and you can download it from a link provided. Just choose the link by which you wish to purchase the TurboTax software.
  • Once downloaded, save the file in a familiar location.
  • Double click on the TurboTax file icon, and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.
  • Once complete, run it on the system to check for any errors or so.

If you encounter no errors, then you can start using this software as soon as possible. But if there is any difficulty in the process, you must ensure that you take the certified and technical help from the TurboTax customer care number. The techies are available at your service 24 Hours.

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