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How to Fix TurboTax 1098-t error?

Oct 26, 2022
1098-T Error in TurboTax

TurboTax 1098-t error – TurboTax form 1098-T is the American IRS tax form which is given to the college student by the educational institution. This form is known for giving information about how much tuition fee is paid by the student in a taxable year.

Every student has to file this form when they enrolled themselves in the college during the taxable year. If you want to know more about this form, then you can contact TurboTax customer support to speak with the experts. The certified professionals can also help you in fixing the error and then filing the taxes right on time.

Why occurs TurboTax 1098-t error?

There are times when the student finds it challenging to fill this form because of some error. If you are also confronting these errors, then you first need to find the actual cause of why this error occurs in the first place.

  • If there are unwanted spaces between the
    details filled by you.
  • Sometimes due to formatting of invisible
    character, this error can occur in the first place.

Steps to fix the TurboTax Error 1098-T

If you are looking out for the ways by which you can fix this issue then you need first to try to be patient as one can fix this error code on their own by following the steps given below:

  • Try restarting your system.
  • You can try using a different web
    browser for opening this tax form.
  • You can even open the TurboTax phone App
    in the web browser of your system.
  • Also be extra careful while writing the
    details in the tax form, so that you don’t leave any blank space.

Even after executing all these steps, if the error code persists then, you need to call TurboTax technical support. This number stays accessible 24*7 round the clock to help you in fixing all the errors associated with TurboTax. The support team will make sure that they understand your issue first and then will resolve the error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TurboTax is one of the most popular tax preparation software from Intuit. However, there are several issues that can give rise to technical errors in the program. TurboTax error 1098-T is one such error in the program related to the IRS tax form. When the error occurs, students find it difficult to submit the information about how much tuition fee is paid to them in a taxable year. When the error occurs, you may receive an error message on your screen related to the issue. Knowing the possible reasons behind the error can help you in problem resolution.

TurboTax is one of the most loved tax preparation and filing program used by millions of users, thanks to its powerful features. The list of these features includes data import-export, real-time notifications, reporting & statistics, customization reports and several others. You can access these features on your preferred devices with the help of a stable Internet connection. You can choose either the Desktop version or the online version of the program to harvest its rich and powerful features. Additionally, the program also allows the users to manage employees’ payrolls and forms. Activity tracking and historical reporting are some other features of the software.

Technical errors are an integral part of using the software. TurboTax is no exception. Some errors can take place due to machine issues, whereas, some are caused due to human error. However, getting technical issues are annoying, especially when they take place in the middle of an important task. TurboTax gives multi-faceted technical errors, and the 1098-T error is also an error code in this list. To deal with this error, you can try a few basic troubleshooting on your own, such as restarting your computer or switching to a different web browser. However, if none of the solutions works, you can get in touch with our experienced professionals and get prompt help.

When using the TurboTax program, you can get various issues. These issues are depicted by the error codes to make them comprehensive. Based on the error codes, you can determine the nature of an error and can also predict the possible troubleshooting solutions. Some of these error codes are listed below:

  • TurboTax Error 403
  • TurboTax Error 1334
  • TurboTax Error 5640
  • TurboTax Error 1719
  • TurboTax Error 5641
  • TurboTax Error 1305
  • TurboTax Error 539
  • TurboTax Error 2803
  • TurboTax 529 Error
  • TurboTax Error 214
  • TurboTax Error 5209 Error code 907

TurboTax tool is a powerful utility in the program, which is designed to resolve the common issues related to the program. For insane, if you are trying to install TurboTax using CD and getting an error, downloading and running the fix-it tool can help. This tool is devised to resolve the common installation error in the program. Once you run this tool, it will troubleshoot the problem automatically. Once the problem is fixed, you can utilize the CD to install the program. If the error still persists, you need to perform additional steps to end the tasks running in the background.

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