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Delete TurboTax Account (Updated Method 2024)

Nov 16, 2022
Delete TurboTax Account

Whenever you Google the best tax computing software programs, TurboTax will be on the top. Isn’t it? However, since we are discussing technology, errors, and glitches do occur while deleting such software accounts. So, if you’re also facing issues while removing your TurboTax account and searching for ways to Delete Accounts TurboTax, here’s your helping guide. Continue reading this post, apply the given instructions, and get the “Successfully deleted” message on your screen.

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In this post, we will briefly talk about TurboTax, filing business tax returns, and how you can successfully delete TurboTax accounts. So, let’s begin!

What’s TurboTax – A Brief Discussion!

Intuit has introduced TurboTax for simplifying tax-related tasks and helping business accountants, taxpayers, or CPAs fill their tax returns in a more convenient and hassle-free manner. What makes the TurboTax unique and more productive than the other tax computing software is its clean and user-friendly interface. Its intuitive interface offers a simpler method for tax deductions along with add-on services and products essential for tax filings.

How Can Users Delete Accounts TurboTax?

Most probably, when you’ve searched “can I delete accounts TurboTax,” the search results would have appeared as “no, you can’t delete the TurboTax account, but only can deactivate your account. As long as you haven’t purchased the TurboTax Online application program (or activated a cost-free version), you can remove any data you’ve provided using the Clear and Start Over software feature.”

However, this is the truth, but you may delete your account using the ways given in the section below.

TurboTax Account Delete: 4 Easy Methods Users Must Apply

To find out what solutions can help users delete accounts TurboTax, you must follow and implement the procedures that are explained here. Continue performing the methods with the detailed instructions below:

Delete Procedure 1 – Manually Delete your TurboTax Account

Let’s manually execute the steps given below and try to remove the TurboTax account. Carefully follow each instruction.

  1. Firstly, to begin with this procedure, you must sign into your TurboTax account with the exact credentials, including username and password.
  2. In the next step, when you successfully log into the TurboTax account, hit the Take Me to Return option.
  3. After this, navigate to the top of the screen and hit the my available account option.
  4. Finally, click the Start over alternative and click the Yes button.

By this, you will be able to successfully delete accounts TurboTax. However, if the deletion is unsuccessful, continue with the next procedure.

Delete Procedure 2 – Take Help from the Control Panel to Delete your Intuit TurboTax Account

You must take a look at the following steps to apply the deletion procedure with the help of the control panel. Here’s how you must continue:

  1. Begin this procedure by first closing all the running application programs on your windows, including TurboTax. Also, make sure to close the related windows opened on the system.
  2. In the next step, navigate to the control panel on your computer system and move to the Programs and Features tab.
  3. Once you get the Programs and Features window, choose the uninstall program option.
  4. Here, you will get a list of applications installed on your system. From this list of applications, choose TurboTax.
  5. Now, hit the Uninstall button, and by this, you may delete your TurboTax account. In the end, if your account is still activated, move to the next procedure.

Delete Procedure 3 – By Starting Over and Deleting the TurboTax Account

You may find this procedure the same as the above ones and can be effective for those who have purchased the subscription TurboTax Desktop software version. Carry out the procedure as per the instructions below, and try to remove or deactivate your TurboTax account.

  1. Firstly, begin by signing into your TurboTax account by entering the exact login credentials, including password and user ID.
  2. Perform this procedure on TurboTax online and continue entering the TurboTax online ecosystem.
  3. Done up to this? Now, after successfully logging into the TurboTax online software, navigate to the Take Me to Return option and hit the same.
  4. In this step, you need to start over by navigating to the My Account option. Click this option, and move to the Start Over Option.
  5. Click this Start Over option, and the Start Over process will start. Here, you will get a window showing the notification of confirmation.
  6. Tap the Yes button, and now you’ll be asked to choose the TurboTax product you use.
  7. Select the product from the appearing list of product options, including mobile app, Online, CP/Download Mac, CD/Download Windows, and I don’t know.
  8. Now, your next step is to delete the account permanently, for which you must select the right option from the above ones.
  9. Following this, you’ll get a window stating, “I need to delete my account permanently.” Here, in this window, you must hit the Continue option from the very right corner of the screen.
  10. After this, you will be asked for verification. For this, you need to enter your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  11. Finally, after the verification, all your saved data in the TurboTax account will be removed permanently, along with the TurboTax account-related information as well. By this, you will remove everything related to your TurboTax account.

Delete Procedure 4 – Send an Email for Successful TurboTax Account Delete

By sending an email or submitting a request for your TurboTax Account Delete, you can remove or deactivate your TurboTax account that you no longer want to use. Follow the steps below, and continue deleting the account.

  1. Firstly, you must open your email ID registered with your TurboTax account.
  2. Now, send an email to “” and continue putting a “request to delete my account” in the subject line of the mail.
  3. Here, in the email matter, you must describe the reason for deleting your TurboTax account. Once you’ve described the reliable reason, follow up with the next step.
  4. Finally, send the complete matter to end this procedure to delete accounts TurboTax successfully.

Still, your account is activated, and you’ve failed to delete it; let the next procedure help you deactivate or remove the account seamlessly.

Situations When Users Want to Delete Accounts TurboTax

There are times when you may wish to remove or deactivate your TurboTax account. The following can be one of the most prominent reasons for removing the TurboTax account. Take a look at the following potential causes:

  • When users wish to limit unused online accounts – Whatever the reason it may be, if users no longer wish to use their TurboTax account, eventually, they don’t want to keep critical business information online. It’s because there are many potential security threats and unauthorized access waiting to attack business confidential details.
  • If users are dissatisfied with services – If users have been using TurboTax for past tax returns and decided to use a different product, they may delete accounts TurboTax. Also, they may not want their sensitive tax details to stay saved on an unused account. In such circumstances, users wish to delete their accounts.
  • If users decide TurboTax isn’t right for them – Often, users sign up for TurboTax only to discover whether they require TurboTax or not for their tax preparation. And so, if users don’t want to continue the TurboTax services, they wish to delete the account.

Let’s Take Everything into An Account..!

Hopefully, by the end of this intuitive blog post, we hope you have learned how to delete accounts TurboTax. In case you still have any queries or failed to delete your TurboTax account, connect with us. You can reach out to our professionals via the available Live Chat Support option. Our certified team will help you deactivate your account professionally immediately after your approach..

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