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How to Convert pdf to tax file TurboTax?

Oct 22, 2022
Convert TurboTax Tax to PDF and PDF to Tax File

TurboTax is a very famous tax calculating application that is favored by people all over the globe as it gives accurate results and calculations. And while it is very simple to use this application, converting convert pdf to tax file TurboTax can be a bit of a problem for some.

The process is indeed quite complicated and extensive. But if you want to undergo the conversion, it is crucial for you to know how to do it. If you keep up with this blog, you will be taught how to carry about this process and you can also save it for future references. But, if you prefer to do it through remote assistance instead, you can get in touch with the TurboTax support number to receive unlimited service from expert employees.

How to Convert TurboTax Tax2PDF?

  • The first step is to connect the system to the internet. After you are all set, go to the TurboTax to PDF site.
  • When you get to the page, click on the browser button and view the tax files, and double click on the one you would like to open.
  • Wait for the conversion to complete and when it is done, download the converted files.
  • Save it to a folder on your computer and you can open it through your pdf reader.

How to Convert PDF2Tax File?

Before you start, you need to upload the file to an online converter tool. You can upload it to ‘Zamzar’, which is a Pdf converting tool.

  • After you open the Zamzar site, click on the ‘browse’ button on the site and locate the files on your computer and click on ‘ok’ to initiate the upload.
  • Now choose a file format and make sure it is in ‘TXF’ format. Since TurboTax cannot open pdf files, you need to convert them into a TXF format.
  • In the designated bar or field, enter your valid email address and then click on ‘convert’.
  • Wait for the process to end and after that download the file from your email address.
  • Now, on the email you provided on the zamzar site, click on the ‘converted file from zamzar’ email.
  • Under this email, you will find a download link. Click on the link to download the file on your system.
  • Now you need to open the TFX file in TurboTax and save it as a TAX file. After this, go to ‘file’ and click ‘open file’.
  • Search for the TFX file and hit the ‘ok’ button when you find it. Again, choose ‘file’ and click on ‘save it as’ to name the file, and click the ‘ok’ button again.

If you run into a situation where you require technical help, you can contact the TurboTax customer service number to avail of services from experts.

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