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At GoTaxation, we provides reliable and satisfactory services to our clients and values our transparent relationship with them. We keeps our clients data protected and secure, and we always strives to make you feel comfortable and confident while hiring our services. The personal and financial details of your business are completely safe with us.

Your Information:

  • At GoTaxation, we don’t provide your information to third-party websites for marketing purposes.
  • We use the details provided by you to explain the services to other customers, and we will used it in a way that won’t defines you.
  • We maintains the history of your information, along with all types of services which you are using. We keep the statistical data and shares you the same at regular intervals for ensuring better user experience.
  • Your personal and financial information is only used to share the reliable services, and we provides a customized set of deliverables that will provides you an interactive user experience.
  • Personal accounting information such as credit card number, will be encrypted as soon as it gets transmitted to us.

Information We Will Need From You

  • Personal information: email address, phone number, credit card details, name, billing address, etc. We need this information for sales, support, payment, and registration purposes.
  • Account and Purchasing Details: We might need this information as a part of services that we provides to you.
  • User feedbacks, chats and other demographic information of your business.
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